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Weird period after miscarriage - can anyone help?

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BellaBear · 06/03/2007 16:05

I would really like some information - I had a miscarriage at six weeks four weeks ago and have just got my period.

(TMI Alert)

Yesterday, when I wiped, there was a purplish mass of something on the tissue. What could it be? I have never seen anything like it during a period. It was about the size of two pound coin. When I had the scan a month ago the sonographer said there was nothing in there.

Obviously, there is nothing to do, I would just like to know what happened. Can anyone help? Or is it just a really weird period? It's just odd not understanding your body.

OP posts:
whywhywhy · 06/03/2007 16:17

Bella it sounds like a blood clot to me. A lot of women get them every period, but if you normally don't, it could be an aftereffect of the mc- sometimes it means a heavier flow, or a short burst of heavier flow that doesn't come out immediately and coagulates.

If you dont' have any signs of infection, fever etc, I don't think there's any need for worry.

BellaBear · 06/03/2007 16:19

that is quite reassuring.

But I usually get clots and they are smaller and dark red and this was bigger and an odd colour and looked liked something. I didn't want to look to closely.

Thank you very much for posting for me, I appreciate it.

OP posts:
becklespeckle · 06/03/2007 16:19

sounds like a clot to me - possibly too small to see on a scan? they can't see everything! my first AF after both m/cs full of much more yuk than usual

BellaBear · 06/03/2007 16:20

I'm not worried that there is anything wrong and I would need too go to the doctor, tbh, I just like knowing what is going on!

OP posts:
BellaBear · 06/03/2007 16:21

but wouldn't that have come out when I mc'ed? Rather than a month later?

OP posts:
becklespeckle · 06/03/2007 16:22

don't know answer to that but my first after first m/c was filled with long stringy clots (sorry TMI) and first after second with big dark ones. guess womb needs time to recover?

BellaBear · 06/03/2007 16:23

yes, that makes sense.

OP posts:
becklespeckle · 06/03/2007 16:25
BellaBear · 06/03/2007 16:58

it was just so weird...

sorry, need to let it go, but it shook me a bit

OP posts:
becklespeckle · 06/03/2007 17:51

That sort of stuff plays on my mind too but am sure it is fine - could you speak to your EPU? They were very helpful to me after m/c with worries and such x

gillian1973 · 13/03/2007 21:57

Bellabear, my first period after the mc was very heavy and I almost thought I was mc again (even though it was impossible for me to be pregnant). As I mc naturally I believe that, even though the scan was clear at the time, some of the 'bits of products' could have been absorbed by the lining of the womb and shed in the following period.

Sorry if TMI...

lucykate · 13/03/2007 22:04

bellabear, i had the exact same thing happen to me after my d&c for a missed m/c. it was the first period after and i sneezed and literally felt something fell out down below, it was like you say, round, about the size of a £2 coin, looked a bit like a piece of liver (sorry if tmi). after a m\c its normal to have one or two odd periods, natures way of healing the womb i suppose.

sorry for your loss, after 2 m/c's i went on to have a healthy pg and ds is now nearly 2.

meowmix · 15/04/2007 11:59

sorry to resurrect this thread but am in similar state - m/c at end of Feb, started a fairly normal period 10 days ago and suddenly its got really heavy and clotty - is this just things working through or should I get it checked d'you think? (feel ok otherwise just tired tired tired)

karma · 15/04/2007 20:57

Hi Meowmix,
Really sorry to hear about your loss. I had a miscarriage in Feb, and my first af after this was really heavy and clotty (with other funny bits in there too! sorry if TMI). Like someone else has said it did seem like another mmiscarriage although I know it wasn't. If you feel reasonably well I think what you are describing is fairly normal and is just natures way. Hope this helps.

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