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Bleeding after miscarriage

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jess1996 · 26/02/2007 19:21

I had a missed miscarriage last week and was given drugs to induce a miscarriage. I was discharged on Weds and had some bleeding and mild cramps on Thurs. On Fri the bleeding almost completely went, but since then I've had very slight bleeding (mostly on wiping), with occasional proper bleeding (seems to occur at night time). I just wondered if anyone else had had a medically managed miscarriage and how long the bleeding will gone on for. I'm also having some occasional twingy pains. Thanks.

OP posts:
Aloveheart · 26/02/2007 22:48

I'm not really sure. It might be your body getting back to normal. I had a m/c at 6 weeks and bleed for a week or more.

Hope someone can help. bump

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