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Getting Pregnant again after MVA

oliversmummy26 · 05/12/2016 10:44

Good morning ladies,

I found out last Thursday when I was about 10 weeks pregnant, that our baby had sadly stopped growing at 8 weeks. I had an MVA the following day on Friday, it's now Monday.

I had stopped bleeding by Saturday, so according to docs we're good to DTD from this weekend (7 days after bleeding stops). I would really like to try and get pregnant as quickly as possible.

Just wondering if anyone has managed to get pregnant soon after a miscarriage and if they knew when they ovulated? I am going to go with day of MVA as CD1 as it's all I've really got to go on (though I started bleeding 3 days before that, so perhaps could start counting earlier?)

I feel fine both physically and emotionally, and I feel now like I'm 3 months behind where we wanted to be, so I desperately want to get pregnant as quickly as possible, but equally, would like to be slightly less obsessive about it than last time....though knowing myself as I do, that will be almost impossible!

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