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miscarriage- natural, then medical, now possible surgery

rubyfeet · 14/06/2016 21:49


I've finally found the miscarriage board- went to pregnancy and then infertility!

So to cut a very long story short- blighted ovum/anembryonic pregnancy- my diagnosis, not the hospital who say a miscarriage is a miscarriage.

Tried two week natural- though hospital would not diagnose miscarriage until 2nd scan/2nd week of miscarrying

Then Friday had a pessary. Awful pains, which are still there seem to come on after I've eaten and also when I go to toilet for a pee or a pooh. But no blood, no clots-cramps seem to be producing a tiny bit of brown discharge and a tiny tiny bit of tissue.

Thing is I've passed the gestational sac- scan said embryo inconclusive and yolk sac absent.

So what is the signficant products I have left- hospital say tissue, but cant say what- confused!!

Anyhow- real reason I'm here is I want an op, hospital being odd- yesterday I was told I could have an emergency scan today to determine next course of treatment and today said they couldn't do one until Monday- I made a bit of a noise and now I have to sit and wait for a possible slot tomorrow morn.

I want an op, whilst I have enough courage, but I want it soon- really soon. They say that they basically stick you in for a day,but you have to wait for the op and any emergency surgery precedes you.

Any ideas about what I could say to ensure got the op sooner, rather than later?

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jinglebellmel · 20/06/2016 19:56

Hi Ruby, so sorry for your loss. I had a blighted ovum, discovered at 10 weeks in May, had the medical management when I would have been 11 weeks. I understand that although there is no yolk sac, there is still a gestational sac (I think this is different to the yolk sac) and placenta. so if you've not passed this then I imagine that is what's left.

I had a small clot remaining after my medical treatment and was booked in for the surgical procedure (which they decided I didn't need just as I was going to theatre) Sadly I was kept waiting on the ward for 2 days before a slot was available and found it really stressful, I wish I'd asked about having further medication instead. Obviously surgery is the better option for some though as its more of a clean slate and you can move on quicker.

As for being seen as a priority once you're there- if you have a large amount of product remaining (which will be evident from the scan) then you may get seen quicker, and I imagine if you were having any signs of infection you'd also be bumped up the list. Other than that I can only advise you to be assertive once you're there, I didn't feel I had the strength at the time but I think I may have been seen quicker if I'd complained.

I hope you don't mind me being quite factual about it all. good luck x

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