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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Miscarrying at 9 weeks, need support/advice - not for squeamish

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Catbabymummy · 16/01/2007 12:18

Had mild cramps/back ache Sunday night. Went to A&E yestrday morning as notice blood. Had scan, embryo but no heartbeat. Utterly devastated. Went home, dh took me to GP was NOT very helpful, though sympathetic. Tries to ring EPAC at local hospital all I get is a f*ing answering machine. GP also left a message yesterday. Losing quite a bit blood, clots the work, wearing night time towels and changing every couple of hours. Getting horrible painful crampls every 5-10 mins since wee hours of this morning. Going back to see GP this afternoon on NHS Direct recommendation. Feel absolutely washed out and headache as well as horrible cramps and back pain.
This was 1st pregnancy. Why did noone tell me that mc so commen for first timers, apparently on in 4 ends in m/c thought it was much higher. PLease advise me if you've been through this.

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Mumpbump · 16/01/2007 12:40

So sorry to hear this. There is not much you can do except sit it out, I'm afraid and go back to A&E if the bleeding is excessive. When I had a late m/c, there was an awful lot of bleeding and contractions until everything was passed and then the bleeding reduced significantly, although it continued for about a week or 10 days.

NHS direct told me to take ibuprofen to help with the cramps. I wouldn't bother going to the GP to be honest - I don't think there is anything they can do, other than refer you to the hospital. I'd call your local Early Pregnancy Unit or go back to A&E if you are worried.

northerner · 16/01/2007 12:46

Sorry to hear this is happenning to you. It's shit isn't it?

I m/c last year also at 9 weeks and had symptoms similar to yours. A&E are shit really when it comes to miscarriages. You should get to see someone at the EPU and you will find them so much more halpful and sympathetic.

You need to rest and give your body time to recover physically, then concentrate on recovering emotionally which will take a lot longer.

Look after yourself.

paulaplumpbottom · 16/01/2007 14:51

This happened to me last week, I was just as far along. They put me in hospital for 3 nights so if it gets really bad ask so ou can get good pain relief. I'm still crampy and bleeding so I think it just takes a while.

I am so sorry this has happened to you.

Catbabymummy · 16/01/2007 16:30

Thank you all, I feel a bit reassured that others know what it's like. I have been to the early pregnancy unit, they've told me that the bleed isn't too heavy, bp & hr fine, they did an internal exam (very painful, but that's another story!) neck of womb is open and I've passed tissue. They've said I can take paracetamol, codeine and diclofenac all at the same time! They did consider keeping me in, but dh assured them he would keep a close eye on me and bring me back if i got any worse. Off to take meds and try to get some sleep.
I've opted for letting nature take its course, but haven't ruled out surgery.

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SophieDel · 16/01/2007 16:38


I also had a miscarriage one year ago and it was simular to yours. I was nearly 3 months pregnant and I was due for my first scan when I had very painful back pain and start bleeding!!!
The heart had stopped beating when the foetus was 6 weeks.

I know this is really hard!! But I now have a 4 months baby girl.
Miscarriages are very frequent and I am sure you will soon have a lovely baby!!!!

So relax and look after yourself!!


Catbabymummy · 16/01/2007 18:48

Thank you, now dosed upto the eyeballs. Contractions are still ocurring but I can cope, back ache is bad though.
THanks to all over for your sympathy.Dh and I looking to the future, determined to try again.

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gillian1973 · 17/01/2007 22:25

Cat, how are you feeling?
You are describing a MC almost identical to mine last Oct. EPAC at the local hospital are only a 9-5pm Mon-Fri operation so I had to wait 6 days from starting to bleed to discovering I had a missed MC. I was 9 wks, baby had stopped developing at 6wks.

The pain and bleeding got really bad towards the end and we had to go to hospital; so keep an eye on what is happening and don't hold back to going direct to the gynecology ward (A&E are useless) to get checked out. To this day I still think the Gyne ward was staffed by angels the night I came in. They were the tenderest people I have ever met and didn't treat me like yet another MC.

My thoughts are with you and DH.

lynnec · 17/01/2007 22:40

Catbabymummy,how are you???
I also had mc in july this year,its an awful thing to go through,i also let nature take its course which helped me cope with things alot,along with reading What every woman should know about miscarriage by professor Lesley regan,im now 3months pg, so dont give up,there is hope, my thoughts are with you xxx

hester · 17/01/2007 22:46

Hi Catbabymummy, so sorry to hear you are going through this. I have miscarried, too, and it is heartbreaking (and also way more painful than I would have expected). A really dreadful experience. There's nothing much the health professionals can do (unless you are bleeding excessively or in significant pain or developing a fever - in which case, seek help). Take it easy, take pain relief, let yourself cry it all out.

I conceived again three months after my mc and now have a beautiful dd. I pray and am sure that one day this will just be a bad memory for you.

Thinking of you xx

Catbabymummy · 18/01/2007 05:51

Hey everyone.

I'm okay, I think. Cramps gone now, bleeding almost stopped.
Early yesterday morning, passed what I think was the end of it. Still feel sad, hate not being pregnant. DH and I will try to conceive as soon as we can.
Definitely thinking to the future.
Have told pretty much everyone, at least told key people who passed it on.
I'm off work all this week, as is dh. Both planning to go back to work on Monday. My ex-boss said I should be off longer, but all I would do is sit and brood. Besides, no-one will do my work for me while i'm off!

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