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2nd mc on Christmas day - any hope stories of ufrture babies

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cazzybabs · 28/12/2006 17:09

Was ten and a half weeks but started bleeding on Xmas day. Am ver sad but need to focus on getting pregnant again. Have 2 beautiful dds but would love more babies. But this is my 3nd mc this year Please give me hope I will be able to have another baby? Any steps I can do to help..have decided to cut alchol out till have baby and cut down caffine.

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Caribbeanqueen · 28/12/2006 17:13

Very sorry to hear that Cazzybabs.

No tips, I'm afraid. Take care of yourself.

k9kuts · 28/12/2006 17:25

hi cazzybabs,sorry about your loss please dont give up i have lost 2 pregnancies my first at 12 weeks and second at 8 weeks which was twins.i was advised to take low dose asprin with my third and now have a gorgeous dd who will be 2 next week and will soon be trying for number 2.hope this helps k9 kuts

CorrieDale · 28/12/2006 17:26

Oh poor you. I'm so sorry. I had 3 - one after another. Then DS who is now 18 mo. And I'm 14 weeks pregnant with number 2. I cut out caffeine completely while ttc & pregnant. Cut down on alcohol while ttc - obviously completely cut out while pregnant. For DS, I was on baby aspirin, and am on that again now. I took vitamins - pre-natal ones rather than multivits. Lots of fruit and veg. I lost weight - boy, did I need to! I lost 1 1/2 stone and was just in the overweight band when I conceived. And I had a LOT of people praying for me

cazzybabs · 31/12/2006 10:15

Thanks for your stories - it is good to know I am not alone and also not being unrealistic in hoping I will have another baby. I jus keep thinking this time a week ago I was pregnant, although in actual fact I doubt I was. Anyway when I get home, I am going to see my GP and talk about anything I can do such as taking asprin. I am curretnly at my parents with dd2 as was supposed to be going on holiday to see some friends but I couldn't do send dh and dd1.

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cazzybabs · 01/01/2007 21:01

bumping for anymore hopeful stories...

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cazzybabs · 01/01/2007 21:02

actually I hae now stopped bleeding but ironically my boobs looking forward to trying again (successfully)!

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Nemo2007 · 01/01/2007 21:05

huge hugs to you cazzy. I had 2mcs before concieving DS, then had a missed mc before concieveing DD and am now 38wks with no.3. I have an online friend[who does use this site] who I know had 4 or 5mcs within a year or so but is now 34wks with her ds2b.

fido · 04/01/2007 08:46

Hi Cazzybabs
I too had a miscarriage on Christmas day at 11 weeks. We were away over Christmas so I'm just off to Drs today, am still bleeding slightly. Anyway, am hoping to get some advice re future pregnacies. But I really dont want to get too obsessed with diet etc, I already have 2 boys and other than cutting out alcohol etc, didn't really change my lifestyle at all before.
Hope things improve for you.

beansprout · 04/01/2007 08:48

Cazzybabs - so sorry to hear this. Hope it goes well at the docs, let us know how you get on.

Helgand · 04/01/2007 13:01

I too have had 2 mcs this year and already have 2 dds - not sure what the future holds for me, but can tell you that my friend had 2 ds's then 4 mcs and then ds3 - does that give you hope? I hope so!

Carpo · 04/01/2007 21:23

So sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I've only had the one but that alone was heartbreaking at the time. Thankfully I now have a wonderful 11mth old boy.

I can heartily recommend acupuncture. While it's somewhat intangible, I used it asap after the miscarriage and my DS was conceived 4mths later. Incidentally, I kept having it and had a wonderful pregnancy, labour and birth. Oh and DS is pretty fab too! I suppose I'll never know if I'd have been that lucky without it...

You can find out more at

While Jani may be in completely the wrong locations for you, the site does have interesting info about acupuncture and fertility and may even help you to find someone nearby if you're interested.

Hope this helps!

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