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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Really gutted my sil has currently suffering her second miscarriage.

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Overrun · 14/11/2006 21:56

She was so positive last time, choosing to view it as a one off. Her dd is two, and she didn't have any problems with that pregnancy.
The first miscarriage was at 8 weeks and was put down to something being wrong with the baby. Now this at 12 weeks 2 days before her scan.
I feel so upset for them, how common is this, to have one healthy pregnancy and then two miscarriages? I expect some of you know from bitter experience that is happens frequently

OP posts:
Jossie · 14/11/2006 22:52

Hi, I've had 2 healthy pgs, and this year April-August had 2 m/cs, I've heard of a number of people that this has happenned to, I previously took it all a bit for granted, but won't if I get pg again

Flossam · 14/11/2006 22:55

Hi I had a miscarriage recently and saw a lovely GP who said that as I had had a healthy term pregnancy with DS they would not want to take further action untill after the third miscarriage. they are supposedly very common - one in 4 pregnancies apparently. Very hard for your poor sil though, especially this latest one and so late on as well. I hope she recovers well and she goes on to have a healthy pregnancy soon.

foundintranslation · 14/11/2006 22:56

Overrun, I'm so very sorry for your SIL.

I had mc, successful pg (resulting in now 18mo ds), and then this summer 2 mcs in 2 consecutive cycles. My gynaecologist thinks it was two chance occurrences rather than an underlying problem. Once you have experienced this you begin to realise how devastatingly common mc is.
The fact that she has had a successful pg is a very positive indicator for future pregnancies. That is something you can tell her to hold on to.
If your SIL has any questions I might be able to help with you/she can contact me via this thread or CAT.

frumpygrumpy · 14/11/2006 23:08

Hi overrun, sorry to hear your news. Nothing major to add to whats already here but one of my friends has 2 children and then suffered 3 miscarriages. She is currently pg with her 3rd child and although she has had some bleeding, all is well. Good luck to your SIL.

NatalieJane · 14/11/2006 23:13

One of my sisters had a healthy pregnancy, then miscarried over and over again, some quite late on, and some for no apparent reason, then she went on to have another perfectly healthy pregnancy. She has never had any explanation as to why she lost so many babies in between.

Sending warm thoughts for your sister.

lulumama · 14/11/2006 23:17

no personal experience...although virtually every single one of my friends has had an ectopic and / or a miscarrige...devastatingkly common and not usually investigated until the 3rd time.....very sad.......x

Overrun · 15/11/2006 13:20

Thanks every one, its reassuring to hear that it is common, although obviously it is also very sad to hear your stories.
I will try and bear it in mind, as must admit I went into a bit of a panic thinking shit, twice must mean there is an underlying issue.
I will discuss this with her. I have't spoken to her properly yet, as yesterday she was still bleeding and I spoke to her dp.
I think, what worries me, was she almost didn't get upset enought the first time. Not there is any rule about this. But she was very pragmatic, depsite the fact she miscarried on her own in the bathroom Somehow I just know it will hit her doubly hard this time, as if she is grieving twice over.
Thanks again for taking the time to answer me. Both dh and I feel very sad for them to day, god knows what they are experiencing.

OP posts:
Jossie · 15/11/2006 14:47

overrun-try not to worry about how your sister is handling it-easy to say I know.
My first time I let all emotion out immediately as I had found being pg easy before, although a nagging voice inside me was telling me that this one wasn't going to make it. The second time I was on holiday with friends and had to be rushed to hospital, I kept most of my feelings inside this time and focussed on the physical side of things, even now I oly show emotion about it occasionally, but that was how I needed to deal with it this time, not to mention that my boys had found it traumatic when I was rushed to hospital, so when I was home I sort of needed to hold it together for them. I do still find it hard to deal with sometimes, but that is just life.
Have just had investigations done privately to try to find out why, they were a little inconclusive but have pointed at a possible clotting problem, but finding out why was my way of dealing with things.
Best wishes to your sister, if she needs anyone to chat to, we are all here for her (and you)

Overrun · 15/11/2006 19:26

Thanks Jossie, hope things work out for you.

OP posts:
castlesintheair · 15/11/2006 19:45

Overrun, I had DS no probs then 2 m/cs, then DD, then 2 more m/cs & now pg with no.3. When I had a scan with this pg I was told it could be because I have a bicornuate uterus (heart-shaped) so I only have one viable side to my uterus so to speak. Don't know where your SIL lives but I had an appointment to see a specialist at St Mary's in Paddington (can't remember her name, sorry, pg-brain! but she's well-known) for investigations but I cancelled when I got past the 3 month stage with this pg. It is truly awful and I feel for your SIL but if she has one DD there is every chance she will have another DC.

Overrunnerbean · 17/11/2006 09:48

Thanks castleintheair, if she has further problems, I am sure she will want to have thorough investigations.
Good luck with your pregnancy.

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