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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Super Early Miscarriage & Pregnancy symptoms getting stronger

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Beckahjane · 14/01/2015 09:57

Hi all,
I was 15 days late on my period and noticed a discharge clump last Saturday night, on the Sunday morning I began a very watery mucousy bleed.
I went to the doctors on Monday afternoon as I had had excruciating pain in my lower abdomen..
After feeling my tummy and doing a pregnancy test they told me the test was negative and my tummy was soft.. Because none of the 4 tests I tested with ever came back positive she predicted a early miscarriage of a fertilised egg that never implanted into the uterus..
She told me the bleed would be heavier than normal and much more painful.. I bled for 5 days in total (2 of those was extremely light and mainly blood discharge)
I had pregnancy symptoms, and she told me they would disappear and that the flutters in my stomach were only that of stomach cramps..
On Saturday afternoon I went through similar pains but this time very uncomfortable rather than super painful.. I phoned 111 and 2 hours later received a phone call back.. The doctor I spoke to didn't listen to a word I said and told me I was constipated which I definitely know not to be true.
Basically.. My 'pregnancy' symptoms happened without a pregnancy because she told me that my body had already started preparing linings and stuff.
My pregnancy symptoms stopped a little through the pain, the flutters were there.. But after 3 days of getting told the news the symptoms seemed much stronger and more clear to me and people around me..
Is this normal? No one seems to be listening to me..

My breasts have started swelling, quite veiny and areola getting darker..
Barely eating, some food is repulsing me..
Increased like for water.. And lots of it..
Increased urination
Stomach is taking shape and is firmer than normal
I am no longer bloating with foods that bloated me beforehand but again my tummy feels firmer than normal
Dizziness, nausea..
Mood swings!!
Increased tiredness..


Please help!

OP posts:
lia66 · 14/01/2015 10:00

Can you ask for a scan?

Beckahjane · 14/01/2015 10:40

They were really against offering me anything else but just what they said. I don't feel satisfied with their answer.

OP posts:
bakingtins · 14/01/2015 12:03

Have you done another test? EPU generally won't scan you without an HCG of >1000 but if you have a positive HPT now it's worth pushing for a scan. What's the most pregnant you could potentially be ? ( time since your last period discounting the bleed last week) You don't get 'flutters' if you are thinking foetal movements until second trimester, but the other symptoms do sound like early pregnancy.
Pee on another stick - good luck.

Beckahjane · 14/01/2015 12:29

I tried a super early test stick thing I got from Ebay and it said negative but my friend did one too and it said negative but her other 2 (clear blues) said positive and she is infact pregnant.. I did try a clear response cheapie from Asda and that said negative too. My last actual period was November the 27th.. Lasted 5 days. But there's no way I can be like 4-6 weeks pregnant as surely you would have a positive test?!

OP posts:
Beckahjane · 14/01/2015 16:44

Forgot to mention that one of the main reasons I phoned 111 was because I had like pain in my ovary area.. My left side was a constant pain and my right was more a cramping.

OP posts:
Beckahjane · 15/01/2015 15:35

Just started crying out of the blue, felt fine right up until tears ran down my face! So confused at all of this.. Also having wiped myself after my wee 10mins ago I noticed a strange watery discharge with what seemed to be a brown (possibly blood) tinge.

OP posts:
Beckahjane · 23/01/2015 07:55

After 2 weeks of pregnancy symptoms increasing I finally gave in and went to the doctors again! They did a pregnancy test, negative..
And noticed on the dip stick test there was a small amount of blood in my urine.
She then phoned through to a nurse to see if I could get a blood test done immediately, she wanted to test to see my hormone levels (pregnancy blood test)
I am going to phone doctors today and hopefully find out what's what.

OP posts:
bakingtins · 23/01/2015 08:44

Hope you get it sorted beckah it sounds miserable. Are they checking for infection? It's quite common after a miscarriage ( easily sorted with antibiotics if that's what it is)

Beckahjane · 24/01/2015 09:55

Results still aren't back for either blood test or urine so phoning on Monday.. It's not so miserable it's more confusing not knowing what's going on.. My stomach has grown into a bump like shape and everything which was the strangest thing why the doctor wanted tests x

OP posts:
Beckahjane · 31/01/2015 12:56

No infection, both tests come back normal no action.
My belly has since got bigger and been like this for 2 weeks.

OP posts:
Beckahjane · 05/02/2015 19:29

I have just started bleeding super heavy today 80% of it being good 50p size black clots :( not sure if this is the miscarriage actually taking place 5 weeks on :/ it doesn't feel right x

OP posts:
bakingtins · 05/02/2015 19:51

I'd go back to the GP and discuss it all again from the point of view of it being unpleasant gynae symptoms and irregular periods. As you never had a positive pregnancy test you are not going to get anywhere asking them to investigate a miscarriage, but it does sound like something is amiss. See if they'll refer you for a gynae scan and get your hormone levels (as in FSH/LH, oestrogen and progesterone, not HCG) checked.

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