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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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farrahclark · 10/01/2015 20:09

Right I found out I was pregnant on Christmas day I took 11 home tests a clear blue and a doctor's one, my last period was the 24th of Nov till the 30th.. I started bleading Wednesday afternoon I rang the midwife and she said everything sounds normal.. I had a scan the next day also an internal and they couldn't see anything.. by this point I'm still bleading I told her to test my urine and it came back as a strong positive so she was confused she gave me a blood test the same day and I have to have one on Monday to see if my hcg levels are still rising.. she said there's 90%chance iv lost the baby but 10% that I'm just too early too see.. If my results come bk that there still rising on Tuesday it's ither it's stuck some where or I'm too early they worked out I would of been 6+weeks. But she says that I could of caught on after.. also I'm still bleading now it's like a normal period?? What does everyone think?

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Flower29 · 10/01/2015 20:52

Hi, sorry for what you're going through. Are you having any pain or cramps at all? Do you know what your hcg was on your blood test? As the mw said, you're over 6wks based on your lmp (assuming you have the usual 28 day cycles) and you would 'normally' be able to see something on scan by now, but if there's any chance you could be earlier then that could explain why. Also there could be several reasons to bleed in pregnancy and the baby be fine, but if you also have pains and clots, it could mean mc. I am having similar happening to me at the moment and when I had my 1st bloods taken they said they would only scan if hcg was over 1000 otherwise they wouldn't be able to see anything on scan. X

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