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What to expect at a scan to confirm miscarriage?

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Catgirl83 · 02/01/2015 15:07

I am certain that I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks on Chistmas Eve - heavy bleeding, horrible cramps and all my pregnancy symptoms disappeared literally overnight. Both me and my husband were gutted as we've been trying for a while. I told the midwife yesterday when she rang to arrange our first appointment and she has booked me an appointment at a pregnancy assessment unit to confirm the miscarriage before I go back to work. I am not holding out any hope that I am still pregnant but am starting to get a bit stressed about the appointment. Could anyone give me any advice on what to expect? The not knowing is making me feel quite anxious.

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merlehaggard · 02/01/2015 16:22

I've had several miscarriages but all early. When I miscarried at 8 weeks I was given the choice of a d&c, when I miscarried earlier I was just sent home. I found the D&C preferable but it sounds like you are over the worse anyway - if you are right and you have miscarried. I'm sorry this happened to you. It is very sad and a big disappointment. If it's any consolation, you say you've tried for a while, but people are often v fertile after a pregnancy. Many people have 1 miscarriage in their life, and for most it is followed by a full term pregnancy. I have many friends who miscarried their first pregnancy. I have PCOS so have had more, but still have 3 children now.

The actual scan takes hardly anytime at all. In my experience the staff are very very kind and sympathetic. It's the same as any scan when they run the scan over your tummy, looking for a heart beat. They will then advise you from there. Best wishes.

catbus · 02/01/2015 16:31

Sorry for your loss Flowers
They will use an internal scan, just to check the mc is complete. It's painless and the best way to do it.
They will advise you how to proceed if not complete, but by your description and how far along you were, I would hazard a guess it was..
I hope you manage to look after yourself- I had a MMC on the 23rd and it's shit.

bakingtins · 02/01/2015 16:48

I would think that early they will do a pregnancy test and only scan you if it's still positive. My local EPU only routinely scan after 6 weeks as before that you wouldn't expect a heartbeat anyway. If you do need a scan it will be internal, but that's really nothing to worry about, it doesn't hurt. Take a good book to distract you, EPU is a horrible place to be sitting waiting around. Flowers

catbus · 04/01/2015 15:28

Hope you're okay catgirl

Catgirl83 · 04/01/2015 16:44

Thank you all for your advice and kind words - it made me feel less anxious. They confirmed what I already knew - that I have had a miscarriage. I'm incredibly disappointed but was prepared for the news. x

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