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ourdaywillcome1983 · 04/12/2014 09:27

Hi Ladies,

I have had 3 miscarriages this year, the most recent was August this year where we had previously seen a heartbeat.

The first was January, first month of trying after the pill. HCG not rising appropriately, mc at 6 weeks. Cared for at EPAU.
The second was in May, this was a chemical and i was showing positive on tests for a matter of days and then started bleeding. Too early to even get to EPAU.
The third was complicated and in August as mentioned above, this was a MMC. For this pregnancy i was taking 5mg folic acid and low dose asprin. Opted for the medical mannagement, had the tablet and was allowed home as the baby was measuring less than 8 (Measuring 7+5) bled for approx 1 week. Kept calling EPAU as something didnt feel right, still showing positive on tests, they advised to leave it another 2 weeks before testing and call back if it was still positive. 10 days after the tablet i had terrible pains all day at work and started haemorrhaging at approx 5pm, rushed to hospital where the surgeon confirmed that the baby was stuck in the neck of my womb - he had to remove it then and there. I will spare you the detail but my cervix is very tilted and i was awake: this is the worst thing ive ever been through.

So after that i was allowed to attend the recurrent miscarriage clinic in sheffield, i had all tests apart from HSG. This was due in part becuase of the 3rd miscarriage complications and im still emotionally scarred from that and also, i dont believe my tubes to be blocked as i get pregnant very quickly. I dont believe i have fibroids as my periods are not heavy. I dont believe i have a womb 'defect' as i was able to carry to 12 weeks term when i was just 17 (I was on the pill and had no idea i was pregnant, please dont judge me - i was in education and didnt feel i was ready for a child so i had a termination. You dont have to hate me, i now already hate myself for that decision. Hindsight, eh)
I also - when on the pill - had an ectopic pregnancy at the age of 20, this was due to the pill i was on allowing me to ovulate but slowing the mobility of my tubes, i had a laparoscopic diagnosis and the pregnancy was removed (at 12 weeks!) but the tube was saved, i am astounded it didnt rupture.
Taking into account all of the above the consultant said he thought i was 'probably' right and that the HSG wasnt necessary.
The internal scan i had as part of the investigation was normal and he said that this was 90% accurate so i dont feel too obsessed with the HSG part.

All tests are now back and 'normal' i asked about NK testing and he was dismissive but said i could have it privately (they do it for failed IVF on the NHS but not miscarriage, i am not against paying for it and will if anyone has experience?) His words were to just try again. I am not happy with this kind of approach and told him i wanted to be more proactive, he agreed i could have progesterone supposotries from getting a positive test. I forgot to ask about HSG shots, kicking myself now.

I'm sorry for the long story, im just desperate for advice and dont have anyone who has been in a remotely similar situation. Can anyone recommend anything extra? Am i missing something? Has anyone been through similar and got a baby without anything other than progesterone? Im at my wits end, i just want to stop feeling like such a failure and be a mummy.

OP posts:
bakingtins · 05/12/2014 09:15

ourday I know you've found the recurrent miscarriage thread. For anyone else reading, there is a long-running and very chatty thread for anyone suffering recurrent losses, always near the top of the board and currently on thread 14. Anyone who finds themselves in the sad position of having recurrent losses would be made v welcome.

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