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Large fimbrial cyst after recurrent early mc

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Choccywoccydodah · 09/11/2014 19:52

I've had 8 early mcs on the last year, each one losing at between 4+4 and 4+6. This last month I got to 5+1 when I started spotting.
I had a scan booked at the epu for 6+1 for reassurance due to my history and went anyway.
They found a 5.5-6.5cm fimbrial cyst, which they said wasn't having an affect on my fertility or anything to do with me losing pregnancies. It wasn't there in May when I had a scan an they found a sac and yolk, just a very small ovarian cyst which hasn't grown.
I've had no pain or aches (bar cramping when losing this last pregnancy) so all good there.
I've got to go back on 16th Dec to check it.
I'm basically posting as I wasn't told ANYTHING about what it was!
They just said it was a fluid filled cyst. I wasn't told if it was anything to worry about, or what may have caused it or what I should expect, just that they want to keep an eye on it. But if it's 'nothing' why do they want to keep an eye on it?
Will it need to be removed?
My dh and I are not trying now for 2 months as I've had enough, so it will be the NY if we decide to try again anyway. I just want to enjoy our DS who's 3 and Xmas.
I'm now just concerned what I should expect in December.

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bakingtins · 09/11/2014 20:03

choccy so sorry to hear about your horrible year. I don't know enough about the cysts to comment, other than the fimbriae are up at the ovary end of the Fallopian tube so wouldn't seem obviously linked to miscarriage. Did you get to speak to a doctor at the time or was it just something the sonographer said? If you didn't speak to a doctor I'd phone back and ask your questions.
Where are you up to with investigating the cause of your miscarriages? Have you been offered treatment? Taking a break sounds much needed. If you are getting nowhere with NHS tests I can't recommend the implantation clinic at Coventry highly enough - several of us on the recurrent miscarriage thread now successfully pregnant under their care.

Shorty2014 · 09/11/2014 21:03

Hello, so sorry to hear you've had so many miscarriages ??must be so devastating ??

When I went for a scan they said I had a cyst but said it was fine also, and it's quite common? I was around 14weeks but unfortunately I lost our baby at 16 + 5 ?? most heartbreaking thing ever!

Hope the appointment goes okay and you get the news you wanted in December.

Sorry I have no more information but I would defiantly talk to your GP about it and get more answers.


Choccywoccydodah · 09/11/2014 21:12

Thanks for your replies.
I am under the care of prof Quenby at Coventry, fortunately we live about 20 mins away from the hospital.
Myself and dh always said we'd never have tests etc that we had to pay for and never do ivf.
I had 3 mcs, 1 month off, 3 more on cyclogest, 2 months off as we're offered nk test not being told we had to pay :/ then 2 more, the last one I really thought it was it as my tests were stronger etc.
Prof Quenby has now offered me to take part in the RESPONSE trial (I think??)

Shorty I am so sorry about your loss how utterly devastating x

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Choccywoccydodah · 09/11/2014 21:31

Forgot to say, I did see a dr after my scan and she did an internal, not very pleasant but obviously necessary

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bakingtins · 10/11/2014 09:12

Is it principles or finances stopping you having the NK tests? Prof Quenby's clinic runs as "self-funded NHS patients" I.e. The money goes to the hospital, her and Prof Brosens are not being personally paid and it's not making a big profit for anyone. I was tested after 4 MC and had NK cells of 16% (normal is

bakingtins · 10/11/2014 09:13

Sorry if that reads as too personal, you don't need to justify your decisions to anyone. Flowers

Choccywoccydodah · 10/11/2014 09:41

No worries. No def not a financial decision, neither of us work as we have a very successful business, it's just more if we have one test and inconclusive, would we carry on and have more tests because you've paid for the first one etc etc. It's just something we always agreed on.

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