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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

help please ? need opinions

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babyangelbean20315 · 29/10/2014 07:37

Hi and I apologize in advance because this might be too much information but I had a missed m/c just over 7 weeks ago and had to have an operation. - Friday just gone I started my first period (I think, I'm pretty sure anyway) it's been strange, the days before it came I was highly emotional and breaking down in work, then it came, very light and yes I did have enough to use pads but nor many, after a day or 2 it was no longer there just waiting for me it was just when I wiped, I am still bleeding when I wipe but only spotting in my pad, I have been sick in the morning and feel dizzy sometimes, I went to the gp to find out if this is normal ?? She said possibly the hormones going back to normal making me sick, or it could be the actual thought of what has happend making me sick, or she said if I have had unprotected sex since then it is also a possibility I could be pregnant here I am, stuck, I want to try not to think about what she said about doing a test in a week or two, I did my test 21 days after my operation and it was negative - I also did one when I started feeling weird just before I started and that was negative ..........I do want to be pregnant again but I don't want to get my hopes up to just be crushed,
has anyone ever had this and what happened ???
Did anyone mc have a period but be pregnant again ??
Was anyone else being sick during there first one ??

I just need to hear what happened to others during there first period after a m/c this is all new to me this was my first pregnancy

Please help

OP posts:
Flower29 · 29/10/2014 10:06

I was googling last night about bleeding but still ovulating ( I thought I had ovulated last week but have just had what is like a period) and I came across an old thread on mn where the lady had what she thought was a period but it can't have been a real one because she was pregnant! I don't want to get your hopes up but clearly it can happen. It seems that sometimes a woman's body is more sensitive after mc and can bleed more easily during ovulation and implantation.

I'm hoping this is what is happening to me but don't want to get my hopes up. I also don't want to do any tests yet as I would like to find out as late as possible. I didn't feel sick during this 'period' I have just had but obviously everyone is different and it is known as a wtf cycle so who knows what is normal! It's so awful having to go through the mc emotionally and then we also have to contend with our bodies f**king with our heads too! Fingers crossed you are pregnant!! X

babyangelbean20315 · 31/10/2014 07:31

Have you done a test yet ?
It's very calming to know I'm not the only one going through this right now
if you don't mind me asking what was your period like ?

I hope we both are pregnant again
It's really messin up my head having this play on my mind

I stopped bleeding completely yesterday the day before was just abit of spotting I believe but it's now finished and I felt sick this morning :(

I wanna know if I'm pregnant again so I can be excited
But I don't want to know so early so I don't panic through it and cause stress

It's such a weird time !!

When will you be doing a test if you haven't already ?? Xxx

OP posts:
Flower29 · 31/10/2014 13:33

No not done a test yet, not sure if it would show up yet but I don't want to find out yet as I don't want to stress like you say and also if I found out early and then miscarried just after it would be really hard to cope, but if I didn't know I would probably assume it's just a period. Confused
No course I don't mind, it was like a normal period for me, maybe a bit lighter but I've had completely no cramps or any other feelings with it. I would normally get mild cramps and a little lower back ache with periods so it doesn't feel right. I feel a bit crazy though thinking I might be pregnant already (although I thought I was a few days after conception last time and it turned out I was right! Hubby thought I was a nutter saying it! Hmm) just don't want to get my hopes up though.
I completely agree with you about our bodies messing with our minds, I'm not very good at just waiting for it to heal itself, I like to know what's going on with it which doesn't help.
Not sure when I'll test, with my first pregnancy I didn't test til over 2 weeks late so I was over 6 weeks when I found out and the sickness started about a week later, with this one which ended in mmc, I was (obsessively) testing and found out about 4 weeks so I had about 3 weeks without any symptoms which I didn't like and don't want to feel like that again. And now I am going to be paranoid about not feeling symptoms because I stopped feeling them about the time my baby died, I think I knew deep down something was wrong. I think I might try and wait a couple of weeks if I have the willpower!
Have you tested again? How are you doing? You sound to be having a tough time from what I've read of your other posts. Hope you're 'ok'. X

babyangelbean20315 · 05/11/2014 07:28

I haven't tested again going to today I think I jus wanna know what's going on, how about you ? I'm getting better every days just another day of trying to get on with life how are you? X

OP posts:
Flower29 · 05/11/2014 09:33

It's so hard to take your mind off it isn't it?! I'm waiting to see if I have any ovulation signs or period and if there's nothing I'm going to test next Friday, so a bit of a wait for me. Glad to hear you're getting there bit by bit. I've been a bit up and down recently, my boss has recently left so my jobs a bit up in the air at the min which isn't helping, I've been signed off for 4 weeks, just needed to forget about work and concentrate on my loss and getting better.
Good luck with your test! I hope you get the result you want! X

babyangelbean20315 · 18/11/2014 08:30

No good news for me :( how about you ?

OP posts:
Flower29 · 18/11/2014 09:27

Hi, no me neither. I think I ovulated at the weekend though, I had the same signs as I've had previously before getting pregnant so I'm hoping it was it. Will probably test a week on Friday. How are you doing? X

babyangelbean20315 · 18/11/2014 09:51

Good luck next week, I'm struggling - I think I'm gettin better then jus cry all over again, make up excuses not to go to work I jus feel like everything is pointless at the moment - keep having bits of blood every now and then and my period finished like 2 weeks ago :( how r u ? How's work ?

OP posts:
Flower29 · 18/11/2014 10:24

Is there anything you can do to take your mind off it a bit, like planning what you're doing for Xmas and Xmas shopping etc, just something positive for you to look forward to? I know Xmas is going to be hard and not how it should have been with big bumps n no alcohol etc. did you say you already had a little one? Have you mentioned the bleeding to your GP? Are you having any pain with it?
I'm a bit better, still sad obviously but crying less and less. Just trying to look forward to things but I still feel a bit like life is on hold until I get pregnant again. Try and keep your chin up, you will be pregnant again soon! X

babyangelbean20315 · 20/11/2014 09:09

Honestly I try and take my mind off it but it don't work, all I thought I'd b buying for Xmas was stuff for bump and now that aint happening
no this was my first pregnancy and tbh I didn't even kno it could happen for me after being on the pill for 11 yrs to control my periods I thought i fucked up my system but hopefully not
Ye I told the gp about the bleeding etc n now it seems like I'm having my second period but going drs later to talk is v painful and making me sick again

I feel the same as you. Even my friends have noticed that I jus have no motive any more I can't b bothered with anything and I don't care about anything

I jus wanna b me again
and I jus want my bump back

The worst bit is all the sites I signed up to I forgot about so they still send emails n things in the post

I don't understand any of it I still don't get why me
this is just one thing I can't get my head around I don't get why I had to miss out n others who don't even look after there's get like 5 kids

I hope we both get there soon I can't take much more depression

OP posts:
Flower29 · 25/11/2014 17:36

Sorry I must have gotten confused with another post, I was thinking you already had a little one.
I think I'm just starting my second period too. I suppose having your period is a good sign your cycles are getting back to normal.
I know it's hard to look forward to anything and everything seems pointless at the moment but you owe it to yourself to get better and take care of yourself. Arrange a night out or in with your friends, even if you don't feel like it and treat yourself to a few things.
It isn't fair, it's shitty luck that it's happened to us. I've just found out my cousin is expecting her (unplanned) 4th baby and although she stopped drinking whilst pregnant with the others she still smoked and she isn't the worst mother by far but she could do a lot better, doesn't seem to put her kids 1st all the time, and I just think how is that fair!?!
Have you thought about using ovulation tests to help pinpoint your fertile days? The odds are with us both that we will have a healthy baby next time, although some days I feel like it will never happen again, I have to keep telling myself it will. Look after yourself x

babyangelbean20315 · 26/11/2014 10:54

Don't really know how those ovulation tests work tbh

Hopefully we do both get some luck soon!
R u doing anything to increase your chances ?

OP posts:
Flower29 · 26/11/2014 13:10

I've not used them before either, I think you start using them when you think you're close to ovulating but I'm going to have a good read of the instructions when I get them.
Not really, taking folic acid and trying not to drink 'too' much but that's all. Just hate the waiting but sure it will happen soon enough, and for you too. X

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