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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

did i cause my early miscarriage?

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milkyman · 26/10/2014 14:11

i had a 6 week miscarriage a few months ago. a few hours before the bleeding started i went on a very bumpy land train with my ds. it seems a coincidence. my dr said this would not have caused it but i cant get it out of my head. i am 39 and i feel this was my last chance.

OP posts:
Penfold007 · 26/10/2014 15:36

No a bumpy train ride would not cause a miscarriage. I'm sorry for your loss but please don't give up.

jimijack · 26/10/2014 15:39

No. That did not cause the miscarriage.
Absolutely not.


Keep going. It can be ok. Honestly, it can be ok.

7to25 · 26/10/2014 15:44

It is not your last chance

Stars66 · 26/10/2014 15:47

No hun you didn't. Some babies just don't implant. I went to glastonbury in 2011 and miscarried when I got back. The Dr said I didn't cause it and even if I had laid flat on my back for 11 weeks the baby would not of made it.keep strong and you still have time for more xx

purpleflower23 · 26/10/2014 17:50

milkyman I'm so sorry for your loss Flowers. I had huge feelings of guilt after my MC, thinking I'd done something wrong. I'm gradually learning to let go of those thoughts & realise that it's just really really bad luck & that sometimes shit things happen to good people. This wasn't your fault xx

TondelayoSchwarzkopf · 26/10/2014 17:55

I'm so sorry for your loss Hmm

You did not cause it. I went on bumpy flights, speedboats, roller coasters and continued running and doing the Shred through both of my DC's first trimesters. I've had two miscarriages and those pregnancies were both more sedate than my successful ones iyswim. There's no connection.

Frecklefacedgirls · 26/10/2014 22:41

So sorry to hear of your MC, nothing you did caused it, if it was going to happen you couldn't have prevented it but I know it is hard to keep those thoughts out of your head and wonder "what if?" x
39 isn't that old, I had four consecutive miscarriages but went on to have my DC4 at the grand old age of 46, it can still happen!

Monathevampire1 · 26/10/2014 23:03

If bumpy train rides caused miscarriages trains would be full of anxious women

AlpacaMyBags · 26/10/2014 23:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babyangelbean20315 · 29/10/2014 07:58

The only thing that has ever stopped me from feeling guilty is this :
the midwife / doctor / whoever you spoke to when it happend as I'm not sure to your circumstances but they obviously didn't ask u if uuwent on a bumpy train ??
I don't no if this will help u but it has helped me

No-one asked me if I dis anything - no-one asked me if I had been drinking or eating things I shouldn't or if I'd been smoking or getting drunk or even doing drugs - this has helped me realise that even if I did do any of those things it wouldn't of made a difference this time around, for some reason something creating your baby wasn't right, whatever it was and for whatever reason that baby wasn't ready to be made yet :( it's hard and Ino it is I'm still struggling I'm crying as I write this and sometimes I don't believe what I say myself but Ino level headedly nothing I dis, nothing u did, nothing any of us 1 in 4/1 in 5/ 1 in 3 whatever stat u wanna listen to its high! There are so many of us and no-one speaks about us, no-one tells u when your pregnant yes be excited but not too excited

Your baby loves you, they lived and felt your love for 6 weeks, they know you love them.....I'm not religious and I didn't believe in heaven before this happened but I do now
Ino my babies not anywhere but there and is jus waiting for the day that we finally meet
Your baby was too precious for this corrupted world and God just wanted to take this Angel quicker than we would of wanted.....I dunno how u feel about that
but whatever u believe just know that your baby feels your love your baby knows you miss and think about them every day your baby is still with you even though it doesn't feel that way believe me I know

I hope you don't give up trying - to b honest as long as your still making eggs it's not too late, and even you do give up that's probably when it will happen again for you, everyone I speak to who tries to support me through this time has told me they thought they'd stop, considered adopting Ivf etc n then boom pregnant

Good luck and I'm sorry for your loss xxx ur a mummy to your lil one and your Angel xXxX

HereBeHubbubs · 29/10/2014 14:09

I lost my baby a few months ago.
Before realising I was pregnant I had been:

age 45.5
breathing in paint fumes from my garden furniture
lifting heavy cast iron said garden furniture
drinking at a family barbecue
resting this iPad in the crook of my belly/groin for hours on end whilst using it (right where the womb is)
cycling everywhere with a heavy 5 year old on the back child seat
Carrying heavy shopping bags back from town (I don't drive)
In receipt of a prolapse and shot pelvic floor

But medical advice tells me none of that would affect an early miscarriage. It's difficult to believe the advice.

HereBeHubbubs · 29/10/2014 14:11

Oh, I'd also been on the Evra patch contraception. Now that's medical advice you really are supposed to believe in Confused

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