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Sodabread · 24/10/2014 13:32

I had a miscarriage in July and ercp at end of July. I was 11 weeks. I have come to terms with that loss and am not ready to try again just yet, but I am panicking because my cycles seem to have disappeared! I had one period on 21st sept, but nothing since, and I don't feel I have ovulated this cycle. Def not pregnant. I am sure I just need to be patient and they will settle down, but I would like to try again in next few months and am afraid miscarriage has caused a problem. I have 1 dd, and my periods returned when she was 14 months, which was when I stopped breastfeeding. That cycle was relatively normal, which is when I got pregnant. Wondered if anyone had any ideas. Many thanks

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SquirrelGirl78 · 24/10/2014 14:12

I too had a missed miscarriage and ERPC in early July. It took eight weeks for a first period to arrive. I tracked my current cycle and ovulated very late but just got a BFP so keep positive. And definitely use the Clear Blue Monitor - it's worked for me. Fingers crossed this pregnancy sticks.

Sodabread · 25/10/2014 08:26

Congratulations! That's encouraging to hear.

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Sodabread · 14/11/2014 23:31

Well, period still not turned up since 1st period post mc. Not pregnant.....

I felt ovulation type pains for three days or so around the 26th - 28th oct. I was then hopeful that my period would arrive 12- 14 days later, but it didn't! I even had breast tenderness which often occurs premenstrually for me.

I am guessing I didn't ovulate. Spoke to gp about it, but she said it could take another few months to get back on track. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences, as I am worried that the miscarriage has wrecked my cycles, and feeling a bit lost being in a non cycle that seems never ending....

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sizethree · 15/11/2014 09:33

Mine were all over the place after my first MC. I found that with a MMC it took longer for my body to reset itself than with a natural miscarriage. I miscarried naturally in July and my period turned up 4 weeks later (which was a relief but also felt my body was a little insulting that it got back to business as usual so fast like that pregnsncy never happened! - can't win!) with my MMC, as my body was tricking itself that I was still pregnant even through the embryo had stopped growing, it took about 6 months to get regular cycles back. Initially my period came at 6 weeks after, but jumped around from 4, 6, 7 weeks which is delightful if you're TTC!
Maybe get some of those cheapie ovulation sticks to track if you're ovulating and then you'll get a clearer idea of your pattern returning.
I'm so so sorry you're dealing with this shitty shit time. It really is just terrible. So hope you have happier news ahead.

NewEraNewMindset · 15/11/2014 09:42

I think it took me three cycles after a natural early MC to get my cycles back on track. So sorry you are going through this Soda Sad

Itscurtainsforyou · 15/11/2014 15:56

Sorry you're all going through this.

I was about to post a similar question - I've always returned to my normal 26-28 day cycle within 5-6 of miscarriage, but this week (4 weeks after the beginning of miscarriage, 2 weeks after bleeding stopped) I've started spotting. It's now been 4 days of spotting and nothing more.

It's infuriating Hmm

Erica21 · 15/11/2014 16:51

Hi ladies,

I too had a MMC at 12 wks and then an ERPC at the end of July. Period came back exactly 29 days later, then got pregnant the next cycle. Sadly I had a huge hematoma under this pregnancy which caused me to mc again. Had another ERPC 2 weeks ago and bleeding finally tailed off yesterday. This morning I woke to dark brown blood and now bright red again...(sorry tmi!) Is this a period already? I am so confused this 2nd MC has really thrown me x

Sodabread · 18/11/2014 21:01

Thanks for all the responses. I think you may be right about it taking longer being a mmc, and my cycles have always been slightly irregular. I think it may have been more confusing as I only had one period between having dd and getting pregnant (breastfeeding meant they didn't come back til she was 15 months.)

Period has now finally started, but who knows if this will mean things start to get back to normal, otherwise I'll be having a period every other month!!

So sorry to hear that erica you have had a second miscarriage, that seems doubly unfair. When I had bleeding after erpc, it did seem to tail off and I thought it was over and then it would start again. I thought before it was classed as a period there had to be a week or two of no bleeding, but I am no expert and could be wrong. I hope that it settles down and you are looking after yourself. Take lots of care.

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