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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

It happened again

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onefootinthebed · 05/10/2014 07:57

In June I had a early miscarriage. We decided to try again and in September I had a positive result. On Friday morning I woke up and it was clear my pregnancy had failed.

I didn't really want to go to the hospital to be told to go home and let it happen naturally but I went as my husband was going on at me.
I don't really understand why this has happened again and I feel like the doctor didn't really tell me anything do

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onefootinthebed · 05/10/2014 08:05

Sorry I pressed post to soon.

The doctor didn't really tell me anything different. He told me that I didn't have a fertility problem as I had two pregnancy in quick succession and that was it. It was sort of off you pop now dear.he also suggested I visit my go on Monday for some blood test as I was leaving the room.

I also confused right now. My husband and I have not really talked and I have a sore uncomfortable ache in one part of my stomache.

I don't really expect any replys I just want to stamp my feet.

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bakingtins · 05/10/2014 08:30

I'm sorry one foot it is very difficult to come to terms with a second loss. It feels monstrously unfair to be 'unlucky' twice, yet nobody takes you seriously until you've had three miscarriages. The background MC rate is 15% so some women are going to have 2 in a row just due to chance. Most of those will be successful next time. The NHS tests only identify a cause 50% of the time after 3 MC (there are further tests available privately) and presumably that figure would be much lower after 2. I would speak to your GP as a sympathetic one might run some tests for you at this point - a lot of it is basic blood tests to rule out things like thyroid disease and abnormal clotting. If you are over 35 they will often refer you a bit sooner. You can opt to pay privately for testing at any point but it can get v expensive. If you have health insurance it is sometimes covered. You'd be made v welcome on the RMC thread if you want to join us, there are a few people on there who have had 2 losses.

onefootinthebed · 05/10/2014 13:06

Thank you for replying. I am over 35 ,I am 38. I am going to be seeing my gp tomorrow, so I will ask about blood tests and look at the tread you have mentioned. Thanks again. I never thought my heart could ache like this.

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