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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Tests after late miscarriages!

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MyNameIsEmily · 27/09/2014 13:01

I am becoming a bit of a regular on here! Sorry!
I think I am just driving myself crazy while I wait for our letter about our second late miscarriage to see the consultant!

What test's did they send you for? If any?
After my first miscarriages I had blood test's and they all came back clear, I then became pregnant after 4 months and they measured my cervix at 16 and 19 weeks and they were fine altho dropped 0.5 in that time, but no one looked at those results.
I am kind of driving myself crazy looking at google and just wondering what they will do or offer me because of two miscarriages?! (19+1 and 20+6)

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