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Pregnant after miscarriage

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DGmammy11 · 26/09/2014 16:05

Hi everyone. I am pregnant 10 weeks after miscarriage (at 7 weeks) I am so scared. I have 2 children already, DS is 9 and DD is 3. With both pregnancies especially with DD I was so poorly. With sickness etc. I hadn't felt poorly at all with my last pregnancy and that one ended in miscarriage. Also with this pregnancy I'm not really having many symptoms apart from slight nausea and tired. I'm worried sick I will miscarry again. Haven't got my doc appointment till next week. Then will have to wait for scan date. Anyone ever gotten an early scan if you told doctor about concerns??

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bakingtins · 26/09/2014 23:28

Officially you don't get an early scan until you've had 3 MC ( unless you are referred for bleeding or cramping) but there is no harm in asking, your GP may be sympathetic. Alternatively, many women in your situation feel it's worth paying for a private scan for reassurance. I wasn't sure if you are 10 weeks pregnant or if it's 10 weeks since your miscarriage, but was going to suggest 8 weeks as a good time to have a scan, it splits the wait for the 12 week one and if you have a positive scan at 8 weeks MC risk drops to 3%.
There are nice threads on the pregnancy board for preg after MC, it helps to have company in those anxious early weeks. Hope it works out well for you!

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