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I dont know if I am pregnant PLEASE HELP! may have miscarried!!!!!

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hatchetbabe777 · 30/08/2014 13:25

I am 17 years old and i need help on figuring out if it's even possible I am pregnant or if I am just being paranoid. At the end of last month I was messing around with a guy we didn't have sex though (sorry please forgive if its TMI) but he had his "you know what" out and i had yoga pants on put no underwear he was "dry humping" me i guess you could say. He then started to finger me through my pants. I really don't know if you can get pregnant from precum or not. But anyways weeks had passed i felt a little weird and then in the middle of this month i thought i finally had my period, but it didn't feel normal I had really bad cramps in the middle of the lower part of my stomach, I never have cramps on my period. It first was light pink then later it was bright blood red with A LOT of clots then turned really dark red with A LOT more clots and some kinda weird tissue was coming out. The bleeding was super heavy! This went on for 2 or 3 days then stopped. I might have had a miscarriage or just a really really weird period but I'm scared. Its practically been a month now since i messed around. I feel tired but nothing else of the signs of pregnancy. My boobs don't feel sore but kinda feel bigger(idk i might be paranoid). I feel fatter but that's about it. I'm just really worried!!! :( my periods are irregular sometimes come at the end of the month or at the beginning of the next month, sometimes have them 2 times a month and I don't remember when i had my last period.... so you can't really calculate how far along i am if i am pregnant. (i already took 3 pregnancy tests weeks after i messed around with that guy. 2 said negative and the other one was a different brand that was looked like the picture below it. It had a negative line in the round window and no line in the little window but i don't know if i did them all wrong or if it was too early to tell...) i just need some help please tell me what you guys think. I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much and please dont judge me....

I dont know if I am pregnant PLEASE HELP! may have miscarried!!!!!
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AlpacaLypse · 30/08/2014 13:35

No judging here Smile

It's extremely unlikely you became pregnant from your messing about session with this guy. Your periods sound like your body is pretty unsettled generally. I'd book an appointment with a GP to talk about your menstrual cycle generally, as it's a massive pest being irregular and there may well be something easy and simple that can be prescribed.

thesmallbear · 30/08/2014 13:39

Hi OP, you won't have got pregnant doing that. I suppose if he had semen on his fingers and inserted them into your vagina there's a very tiny chance he could have got you pregnant, but even then very unlikely. If he did everything over your leggings there's no chance. Also if you were pregnant you would be getting a positive result one month on.

Some people just have really crappy periods with clots (I am one of those people). Although what you've described sounds extreme especially as you periods aren't usually like that so please go and see your GP.

hatchetbabe777 · 30/08/2014 13:52

well i was just worried about precum on my pants and him messing around with my down stairs that the pre cum could have seeped through my pants while he was doing that :\

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fairgame · 30/08/2014 14:02

Pre cum seeping through your pants will not get you pregnant.

3stripesandout · 30/08/2014 14:07

There's pretty much no chance you are pregnant.

Go see GP about your periods

hatchetbabe777 · 30/08/2014 14:19

what if he was pushing his penis kinda into my opening even when i had yoga pants on could he have precumed through my pants into my opening? could that have possibly gotten me pregnant?? and please im sorry if this is annoying :\ im 17 i just want help i really don't know all about this kind of stuff....if people could just be a little more polite thank you

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FannyFifer · 30/08/2014 14:22

I really don't think there is any chance of you getting pregnant from what you describe.

wrapsuperstar · 30/08/2014 14:24

Nobody's been rude to you, though? They're just saying that the situation you've described couldn't have got you pregnant -- which is a relief for you to hear, surely?

If you've had a horribly heavy period your doctor can help that not happen again, and you can also discuss contraception methods while you're there if you want to avoid future scares. Smile

monkeyfacegrace · 30/08/2014 14:24

Umm, no. You are not pregnant. Seriously.

Go see a gp about your periods if you must.

Can I gently suggest not messing around with boys if this how you react afterwards?

hatchetbabe777 · 30/08/2014 14:41

wrapsuperstar i didnt mean polite im ment nice the first two people were nice but after that people where just stating it and telling me to go to a doctor....and i know i will... :\

OP posts:
hatchetbabe777 · 30/08/2014 14:46

but really thank you all for reassuring me I've been scared this whole month and i know next time ill be more careful so i don't have to get worked up over nothing i really do appreciate it :) and i will go see my doctor soon.

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