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Periods all over the place after my miscarriage

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littlepeas · 03/08/2014 23:06

I had a miscarriage in April at 9 weeks - it was my 4th pregnancy and 1st miscarriage. Since then my cycles have been very odd. I ovulated fairly quickly after the miscarriage (natural miscarriage), I didn't make a note of when exactly, but I think it was only around a week after the bleeding finished - since having dc1 in 2008 I have had very clear signs when I am ovulating. First af was heavier than usual, which I know is typical. My next cycle was 28 days and the one after that 25 days (more typical for me), then I had a 26 day cycle where I am almost certain I didn't ovulate and af was very light. Then this last cycle has been just 18 days and again I am almost certain I haven't ovulated.

I am very confused by the whole thing - please tell me it is normal for everything to go all weird?? Or should I go to the doctors? We are not actually ttc at the moment and still haven't decided whether or not we will try again, but I still want to know what is going on! I am especially confused as I appeared to have 2/3 fairly normal cycles immediately after the miscarriage and then 2 very strange ones after that.

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thenightsky · 03/08/2014 23:07

Sorry for your loss Sad

I miscarried one April and I think it was Oct/Nov before my periods sorted themselves out.

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