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Possible chemical pregnancy

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jbee1979 · 27/07/2014 16:08

I had a very faint BFP just over a week ago, even DH saw it and he was having a bad vision day after a tad too much XBOX. The following morning when I tested there was no line.

I had a miscarriage in March at 12+4 so my "glass was half empty" when I saw the line one day, I suppose I didn't think I'd be that lucky that it would be there the following day, and it wasn't, so I've been waiting on AF to start the next month DTD with a vengeance!!

I had spotting yesterday and massive clots, dark blood, excruciating pain today - I've not got up yet. Is this normal and should I tell the doctor when I see her on Friday? I have an appointment to discuss possible PCOS after a very long cycle in May and irregular bloods.

This is the worst period pain ever, my back and the tops of my legs hurt. I waited 4 days for an ERPC in March - my miscarriage didn't even hurt so much.

Does chemical pregnancy hurt more than normal period do you think, or is it PCOS related, or am I crazy?

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rascalrae · 27/07/2014 19:21

Hi jbee, when I had a chemical pregnancy back in March, it was definitely more painful than a bad period, with clots, bad back etc. I went to the GP but it was pointless. They were sympathetic but didn't give much advice. However, if you've been having irregular periods & you think you may have PCOS then it definitely is worth discussing with your GP. And if the pain gets any worse, might be worth trying to speak to a GP on the phone tomorrow.

Hope you feel better soon & your GP is helpful x

bakingtins · 27/07/2014 19:22

jbee please get yourself checked out if you are in a lot of pain. A chemical pregnancy shouldn't be any more physically painful than a period since the embryo never really implanted properly. I would be concerned about ectopic pregnancy since this can affect HCG levels, I'm sure ovarian cysts etc can also cause pain, but I don't think you should try to brave it out. See an out of hours GP or call NHS direct if it isn't settling.

jbee1979 · 28/07/2014 11:23

Thank you for your replies. I took 2 co-codamol yesterday after I typed my message and it eased a bit and I was able to sleep last night. Flow is much lighter today and not so painful thank goodness, or I couldn't face work. sincere thanks to both of you Thanks

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