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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Can an early natural m/c really be this quick,clean, symptomless and efficient??

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Hubbubs2 · 15/07/2014 20:33

My AF is usually almost symptomless. I may get a light headache for a few days, very rarely a small lower back pain. My labours were similar with little pain. I realise this is probably unusually exceptional.

My first miscarriage a few weeks ago was the same. Light spotting when wiping, then a slightly heavier than normal blood loss, absolutely no clots or clumps whatsoever until later that morning the complete sac/etc came out in one piece.

What is concerning me, is that whilst I now test negative and have no signs of infection or other pregnancy/miscarriage symptoms, I can't believe having read some of the graphic stories on here that it all seemed so ... clean, and quick and painless and just sort of efficient. A bit of blood and everything out in one go Confused.

Am I going to be surprised by the time my next AF comes round? Well actually that didn't arrive on the 12th of this month (usually regular as clockwork) so I'm wondering if 12th August is going to give me the AF from hell. Surely there must be more tissue etc left inside? There were absolutely zero little bitty clots apart from the entire sac.

I don't want to be troubling for a scan when I'm testing negative now anyway, so should I just accept that it is probably all now removed?
Some of the stories of intense pain and cramping and hard painkillers after a natural miscarriage are maki me feel as if I've missed something and the worst is yet to come.

Has anyone else had a similarly featureless early natural miscarriage? I'm estimating mine was between 7-9 weeks gestation.

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FatalCabbage · 15/07/2014 20:45

Yes but only at 6w. My 9w mmc had a lot more materialto shed.

Next AF was my LMP for the baby who's just fallen asleep on me Grin and wasn't unusual.

Good luck.

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