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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Confused about progression of miscarriage

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greenolive · 26/06/2014 19:17


Hope someone can reassure me please

Miscarriage confirmed on Thursday 19th June - should have been 9 weeks but sac was 6 week size. Was booked in on Monday there for medical management (as advised) but started to bleed naturally on Saturday - passed around 8 palm sized clots

Went to appointment on Monday and scan done by doctor. She seemed a bit unsure but did say almost everything had passed naturally except a small 2cm clot and so was advised medical management not needed.

On Monday night passed huge bit tissue - red/white/grey measuring 10cm x 10cm or so and today passed another bit of tissue around 4cm x 7cm, alongside the usual heavy bleeding

Does anyone know if this is normal, to still be passing huge bits of tissue 5 days after miscarriage and 3 days after an apparently clear scan

I did call the ward to ask and Nurse was unfortunately quite dismissive and patronising and said this would be the "womb lining coming away"

Just wonder if this sounds normal, as this is my first m/c

Thanks very much

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bakingtins · 26/06/2014 19:48

hi olive I'm v sorry for your loss. To me it sounds like the big piece of tissue you passed was the pregnancy sac. Sometimes if it has detached from the uterine wall but not passed fully through the cervix it is missed on the scan. You should find the bleeding settles down now ( to period proportions) but it may continue like that for 1-2 weeks. If it keeps being heavy or you get any offensive discharge or feel unwell get yourself checked out again.

greenolive · 26/06/2014 20:11

Thank you bakingtins, I did wonder if the big piece was the sac because of all the grey/white parts in the tissue (sorry not nice to discuss I know)

Hopefully that's everything passed now - fingers crossed! The clear scan just confused me but what you've said makes sense

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