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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

HCG level won't go down. Advice?

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MrsGingerbread · 19/06/2014 17:09


I had a miscarriage at 5 + 2 over a month ago. At that time my level was only 18 - my pregnancy hadn't got very far. My miscarriage took just over a week to run its course.

A month later the doctor has rerun and now my hcg is 48 - but I haven't fallen pregnant again as 2 days ago it was 44 - so pretty much the same.

Does anyone have any experience of hcg that didn't drop? What might the root cause be?


OP posts:
Rockchick1984 · 19/06/2014 23:59

I think the usual cause of HCG not dropping is retained products, has your GP made any suggestions?

Xcountry · 20/06/2014 00:09

Sounds like retained product. Did you have a D&C? or natural?

Xcountry · 20/06/2014 00:10

Typical, x post with Rockchic oops

allisgood1 · 21/06/2014 23:05

I had this and it was unfortunately retained products. I had a second d&c to remove it

rainbow9713 · 01/07/2014 13:51

I had this but I was still pregnant. I went into A&E with cramps and heavy bleeding and they told me was miscarrying, I went in 2 days later and my levels had increased and they kept increasing. I now have a baby girl who is 1 next week.
However, I don't want to give you false hope but even after scans they couldn't confirm I was definately pregnant until I was 10 weeks. So get them to double check.

squizita · 11/07/2014 14:00

It is most likely retained products and these have a risk of infection so contact the hospital that treated you directly and ask them.

They should call you in because there are (very rare) other things which would need treatment:

  1. It was a loss of 1 twin and another is still in there
  2. It could be a complication such as undiagnosed ectopic or molar/partial molar, which require hospital treatment (very rare, but happened to me.

Mrsm14 · 11/07/2014 16:40

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago and no one has mentioned HCG levels to me and I have seen GP and a gynaecologist (they thought I had an infection after ERPC). Is this something that is normally tested? This was my first pregnancy and I feel like there's so much I don't know. Thanks all x

squizita · 11/07/2014 17:57

2 weeks after an ERPC or blood loss, you just need to use a home test and check it after 5 minutes, call your gynie if it's positive. Thanks

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