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Miscarrying abroad

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LiveInABox · 12/06/2014 18:00

Hi everyone, I've just found out I'm miscarrying and unfortunately I'm abroad on holiday with no resources or experts to speak to.

Thought I was approx 10 weeks along when I started bleeding yesterday. Only mild pain but went to the local hospital where they scanned me and confirmed that the baby died before 8 weeks. My language skills are not great and neither was their English, so I decided to wait until I return to the Uk next week to do anything else.

I have lots of questions but no one to ask so I'm hoping you can help me. Emotionally I'm ok now, I've got family with me and am getting support. However I'm totally in the dark about what to expect next. Still bleeding but nothing heavier than a period and some period pain type cramps. Is the pain likely to get worse? Will I need more than just paracetamol? How long does the bleeding last? Am I likely to need 'help' to get everything out and what are my options likely to be when I get back to the uk? Will I need time off work for appointments do you think? How soon can we try TTC again?

Sorry for all the questions, being in a foreign country is so difficult at times like this, and I only have internet access when in a bar or cafe so I can't even spend hours googling like I might do at home!
Thanks in advance for any info & advice.

OP posts:
lotsofcheese · 12/06/2014 18:26

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I had a m/c abroad & like you had issues with not speaking the local language etc. Assuming the local Dr said you were ok to fly home? Just wondering if your holiday insurance could cover you in any way? Or if you're on a package tour maybe you have a holiday rep who might be able to advise? Sorry to ask you so many questions at this sad time - was just trying to think of options for you.

I was due to fly home the next day so, after having a m/c confirmed by a Dr, just decided to risk the journey & contacted my local EPAU for advice but that is obviously different from your circumstances. Is there anyone you could contact back home eg midwife, GP, EPAU?

I was told to expect heavy bleeding & if I soaked through more than a sanitary towel per hour, to go to A&E. Also to get the strongest painkillers I could - I used Codeine-based stuff.

As it was, my m/c didn't progress & I had an ERCP at home a week later. I was told to wait for AF before TTC again.

I really feel for you, it's hard enough having a m/c full stop, but being abroad adds another dimension. Hope I've managed to answer some of your questions. Take care xxx

DontBeBlueBeARainbow · 16/06/2014 13:49

I'm really sorry Liveinabox being on holiday must make it all the more hard? Are you home now? I hope you're getting the support you need.

I am living in China and am currently going through a missed miscarriage. The hospital system is different here, and overpopulation can make you feel you're being treated as a number. It has been hard. I decided to wait for nature to take it's course and i think tonight might be the night, it's been dragging on now for 4 weeks since spotting began.

Have you read the 'Practical Advice' thread in the miscarriage section, it's full of useful advice and real-life stories of what to expect - invaluable.

Thinking of you xx

LiveInABox · 19/06/2014 17:53

Thanks for all your advice, I did read it gratefully whilst away but was unable to post! I'm home now, been checked at EPU and everything has taken place naturally so I've been lucky in that sense. Thanks again for your kind words & advice x

OP posts:
Rosa · 19/06/2014 18:02

On a positive note when working abroad a lady with 2 young daughters had a miscarriage and decided to have it delt with in a local hospital. Then 2 years later 2 girls came running up to me at an airport as they recognised me and they had a little brother with them.... Hope it works out positive for you as well...

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