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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Pregnancy of Unknown Location.

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WiIdfire · 05/06/2014 22:55

Just wondering who else out there has had a PUL (pregnancy of unknown location)? Theres a lot of threads about miscarriage and ectopics but none really about PUL. I feel a bit in limbo I suppose - is it a miscarriage? Not really. Is is an ectopic? Maybe, maybe not. How do i even explain it when people ask?

I knew early that the pregnancy was failing and assumed I had miscarried during 4 days of heavy cramping and bleeding, but then a persistently high bhcg meant there was a suspicion of ectopic and perhaps the original sac on the scan was a pseudo-sac? I have since had a Methotrexate injection to help the process but it has now been over three weeks and likely to continue on for weeks yet. Truth is, I'll never know for sure whether there was an ectopic (it was never seen) or whether there was even a baby at all or just failed cells producing bhcg. (And lots of it - 2400 at highest) Can I really say I lost my baby when no-one ever saw it in the first place?

Just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation.

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miracle0812 · 07/06/2014 10:22

Hi sorry you are going through this Sad
I'm currently have a miscarriage and what draws me to your post is when I had the 3 scans to confirm I could see the sac but straightway I noticed it was an empty black space on the screen took them a while to find foetus that had no heartbeat but the foetus was nowhere near the sac it was very strange! Not ectopic they just said was a missed miscarriage.
How far were/are you? They measured mine at 7+3 weeks so maybe if you're early too it seems out of place?
Don't know if that made any sense

WiIdfire · 07/06/2014 10:54

Thanks for the reply, sorry for your own loss too.
This is yet another question I dont really have an answer for. By dates I was 5-6 weeks, but there wasn't one particular day that i could say it failed as symptoms came on gradually and it was the trend of tests and scans that suggested it was failing rather than one particular result. My hcg is still high and i would now be 8 weeks so it is a long process. As no proper sac has been seen it hasnt been dated by size, so with a really irregular cycle I can't be sure even of the dates. A bit frustrating.

OP posts:
miracle0812 · 07/06/2014 10:59

Thank you Thanks
Very frustrating! I got pregnant on the pill so had no idea how far I was which is why I went for the scan I remember the days leading up to it not knowing how many weeks did my head in!
So do you know what the next step is? Have the hospital advised what is next?

WiIdfire · 07/06/2014 12:01

I just have to wait for the Methotrexate to work, wait for hcg to reach zero (couple of weeks hopefully) then wait 3 months before I can ttc again.
Are you out the other side of the whole thing yet or still ongoing symptoms?

OP posts:
miracle0812 · 07/06/2014 12:14

It's rubbish having to wait isn't it Sad
No not out the other side yet just seems to be getting harder each day! Still feel pregnant but having constant reminders that it's pretty much over!

Hope you're doing ok xxx

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