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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

A week on...

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ots · 04/06/2014 14:10

Its been a week today since we found out our baby had stopped growing. I should be 10+2 today and instead I'm empty. After ERPC on monday, I really am empty, but I keep forgetting that I'm not pregnant. The countdown app on my phone is still running. When does this start to get easier :(

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LoveInAColdClimate · 04/06/2014 15:21

I have just posted something very similar - isn't it just crushingly awful? I don't know when it starts to get better but I hope for both our sake that it's soon (although I rather suspect it's not). I'm very sorry for your loss.

ots · 04/06/2014 15:41

Thanks for your message, I've replied to you on your post. So sorry you are going through the same thing x

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impatientlywaiting14 · 04/06/2014 18:55

Hi Ots

Its two weeks today since i had a scan to say there was no sign of pregnancy not sure if it was a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage as i had started bleeding and cramping two days before the scan. I feel more horrible now than I did a week after the scan. I was 5+1 the day i started bleeding so it was earlier for me.

I really feel for you and I don't know when it gets better. I guess it must do as i know other people who have suffered the same and i Wouldn't say moved on but are in a much better place now. Just when it gets better is a very personal thing i think. Do you have loads of support or more importantly feel supported or just that the people around you just Don't get it? xxxx

ots · 04/06/2014 20:19

Sorry to hear of your loss too impatiently waiting .

I have lots of real life support, and I've got my gorgeous toddler to keep me going. I'm getting the odd moment where I feel ok and find I'm actually smiling, but then it hits me. I guess over time there will be more good moments than bad, its just hard to invisage at the moment.

OP posts:
Virgo9 · 04/06/2014 22:03

I'm so sorry for your losses, I'm sorry your all having to go through this. I had a MMC end of March and I posted something very similar a few months ago. I takes time but it will get easier, I still think about it every day and feel sad but the over whelming pain I felt has lessened.

Just give yourselves time and be kind to yourselves, if people want to look after you let them. I know it's something you don't want to hear right now but it really does get better with time.

Treaclepie19 · 10/06/2014 22:32

So sorry. Big hugs to you.
I don't know when it gets easier but it will.


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