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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Am i still waiting to miscarry?

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DontBeBlueBeARainbow · 04/06/2014 03:27

I've read the 'practical advice' thread in full, it is so useful to read others actual physical experiences. I'm just still not sure if it's happened yet for me.

I am now 9+6. Started spotting at 7+3, so 17 days ago now, and scan confirmed a MMC around 5 weeks. I had my last scan 9 days ago, and everything was still there then. I did have one evening of heavier red bleeding, but it died down again. It just doesn't compare to what I've read happened to others, there wasn't any 'clot' or liver type stuff. And blood just over a couple of days.

I'm guessing I'm still waiting, very frustrating.... i just want to move on!

OP posts:
Barbie1 · 04/06/2014 03:39

I'm sorry you are having to go through this Sad

I had a mmc in 2008, I decided to let nature take course and so I waited....and waited, then waited some more.

Like you I had eposides of bleeding, some heavy, some light and even some clotting.

However 2 weeks later a scan confirmed retained products and I ended up going doing the medical route.

Have you been offered a scan to confirm there is no longer any left?

Remember to take time to grieve and be warned of the hormonal crash you might suffer over the coming weeks.

Wish you lots of luck in the future Flowers

miracle0812 · 04/06/2014 11:14

Hi sorry for your loss!
I am currently going through the same.. I have had MMC at 7+3 I'm still waiting! Having some brownish stuff on wiping today and a bit of lower back ache but I've been waiting a while now!
Went to Early Pregnancy Unit yesterday and looking at the info they gave me because your baby sadly died around 5 weeks you may just experience a heavy period and that's it! Lots of women have a miscarriage without knowing as they just think it's a heavy period and didn't know they were pregnant!
Did your scan show a sac? Mine showed quite a big sac and a foetus with no heartbeat so apparently I will be passing sac and everything!

Sad It's a horrible time I know exactly how you feel... Here anytime Thanks

DontBeBlueBeARainbow · 04/06/2014 13:19

Hi both, many thanks for your replies.

Barbie I'm sorry for your loss. The hospital recommended I take the surgical route last week, but I decided to wait and see if nature does its job. Being abroad I want to avoid intervention, but will go back at 12 weeks for a repeat scan unless anything drastic happens.

Miracle I'm sorry to hear you're also going through this at the moment, though I'm glad I'm not alone. I hope it's not too horrific for you when the time comes - have you read the lengthy practical advice thread, it's got a lot of great stuff on how to prepare? The scan showed a small sac and no embryo, so I suppose it's possible it'll be lighter like you mentioned.

Thanks again Smile

OP posts:
miracle0812 · 04/06/2014 13:30

Thank you it's pretty rough going waiting for nasty things to happenSad

On the Miscarriage Association site it's saids if less than 6 weeks usually it gets absorbed into body so hopefully physically you won't have to go through too much!
My friend was pregnant with twins 1 baby was absorbed into her body and she said that was so reassuring cause she feels like it's always with her
Hope you're on the mend soon xxx

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