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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Two miscarriages in 7 weeks

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LazyRohazy · 25/05/2014 08:17

So, I fell pregnant in Feb, but there was no heartbeat at 8 weeks. I has an erpc 10 days later (don't get me started on having to wait that long). This was late March. By sheer fluke I fell pregnant again straight away, getting my BFP at the end of April. But, this ended in spontaneous miscarriage at nearly 6 wks.

I feel like two mcs in 7 weeks is just a bit shit, frankly.

I've been pregnant four times now, and have lost three (my gorgeous dd was born in 2012; I had my first missed mc before I had her).

Do you think it's worth asking my GP for aspirin or something next time?

OP posts:
10000Fireflies · 25/05/2014 13:00

Lazy so sorry to hear about your experiences. I don't have any personal experience/advice to offer, but think you probably qualify for investigations tests: Hope this helps and you get some answers and another bundle of joy soon.

Catlover2014 · 25/05/2014 14:26

Just wanted to say how sorry I am for your losses.

I would say it's well worth pressing for some tests as you've had 3 mcs.

I'm sure next time will be a better outcome and you'll have your baby soon. I take heart from the fact you have managed to conceive and carry full term in the past :)


impatienceisavirtue · 25/05/2014 17:53

So sorry to hear this.

I just had an Mva - several weeks after the original diagnosis that the pregnancy 'wasn't viable' anymore - the pregnancy was right off the back of another mc. I know the pain of having not only to hear that news but to have to wait so long. We had to have several more scans just to tell us the same awful news. It's devastating and we too get the 'will it ever happen' feeling. Both of us have children from previous relationships but this is our first child together.

I would definitely speak to your GP - three is generally when they start looking at intervention and investigations and can advise you re aspirin.

You have my every sympathies Thanks

JBrd · 25/05/2014 19:58

So sorry to hear about your losses. It's devastating to get the horrible news once, let alone repeatedly!

It's definitely worth talking to your GP, but I wouldn't expect too much... Whether aspirin helps or not is still very much debated, it will depend on what your GP thinks. However, you don't need your GP to sign off on it, if you want to give it a go.

Unfortunately, in most places, they will not start investigations until you have had 3 miscarriages in a row... Again, you might find that your GP is happy to do some intial tests, eg checking progesterone levels. Have you ever had tests for blood clotting issues? That might be something you could ask for.

It is so frustrating that you have to have 3 mcs to be classed as 'recurrent miscarrier', it's adding insult to injury.
Take care of yourself, mc really takes it out of you. I hope that you can get the ball rolling one way or the other!

LazyRohazy · 26/05/2014 06:53

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the replies.

Only yesterday (!) did I find out my mum had 5 mcs, although not 3 in a row, so she said I should mention it to my gp. I wish she'd told me earlier!

OP posts:
impatienceisavirtue · 26/05/2014 23:39

My mum has six as well - I don't know if that kind of thing is hereditary or not but we have both also had similar gynae problems. She had four of us though that turned out fine :)

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