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Maternity Exemption and miscarridge

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Jenni2legs · 24/05/2014 14:55

I had my 12 week scan this week and unless I am very wrong about my dates I don't think the pregnancy is going to last. (they said there is something there but the size of an 8 week foetus).
I have to go back next week to see if there is any growth before we 'know' but I already know something isn't right.
If I miscarry before 24 weeks the maternity exemption cert becomes invalid - but what about my trip to the dentist last month - do I have to pay it back.
Are any costs that the exemption covered to be paid back?

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meditrina · 24/05/2014 15:00

No. You do not have to repay anything you have used during pregnancy. You have to stop using it once no longer pregnant; immediately if you miscarry, or for a year after birth once the legally viable date is reached (even if the baby is stillborn).

I hope you get better news at the next scan, and wish you well whatever the outcome Thanks

Jenni2legs · 24/05/2014 15:18

Thank you Meditrina, I re-read the NHS letter and their site and there was no info on this, bit worried as I had my veneer come off and to stick it back on was £50, which they waved because of the exemption. Really thanks xx

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