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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Having an it's not fair day today :0(

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Tranquilitybaby · 19/05/2014 09:59

Anyone else?

It's three weeks since I lost my baby and tube and I feel very tearful again today after doing so well last week.

I keep dreaming that I'm pregnant again, picturing myself looking at two lines on a test over and over. I wish it were true.

Just needed to write it down I guess. X

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Ellisisland · 19/05/2014 10:02

Hi I had a mc in feb and what you are feeling is very normal but it doesn't make it any better Sad I am so sorry you are feeling like this. Do you have anyone in RL to talk to ?
There is a lot of information and support on these boards so keep writing it down if it helps.


Catlover2014 · 19/05/2014 11:00

Hi tranquility,

I'm sorry for all you have been through and for your loss. How are you doing physically?

I'm three weeks on from my mc too and I know how hard it is. I know it probably doesn't help much but I have mc'd before and I know from experience that time does help a bit.

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat. Hope you feel better as the days goes.

Big hug!


jbee1979 · 19/05/2014 11:10

It's not fair. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Not fair days are normal - I had a lot of them, so they must be!!

I don't remember the first 6 weeks after my MMC - I think it's March, not May Sad duh!! I was a robot that cried.

Keep writing stuff down, or posting, you'll be able to look back and remember, then see how far you've come.

Maybe I'm saying "things will get better".

Read everything and retain what makes you feel better and delete the rest from your brain :-)

Good luck. Thinking of you :-)

bakingtins · 19/05/2014 11:43

It's normal to be very up and down for a while. Gradually the bad days will get less frequent and will become bad moments. Three weeks is a very short time, it will get better, promise. When you do have a bad day, allow yourself to grieve and be sad, what you lost was important.

Marshmallow30 · 19/05/2014 16:23

So sorry for your loss, i know what you mean, i have good days and bad days too. Don't be too hard on yourself, a mc is so hard on us, physically and mentally x

It's been 13 months since my MC and i've still sat here crying today. It sounds pathetic but i think i am going to feel like this until i finally get pregnant again, if that ever happens… x

Tranquilitybaby · 22/05/2014 00:11

Thanks girls, I really feel for you all too. Mine was an ectopic so was rushed in for emergency surgery as was bleeding internally. Think it's all still quite overwhelming at times. X

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