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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Looking back, were there any signs you had had a missed miscarriage?

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Nov282014 · 05/05/2014 07:31

Hi, currently 10+4.
Obviously a MMC doesn't have the word 'missed' in it for no reason, but I'm just wondering whether any of you, looking back on the weeks prior to you finding out about your mmc, had any sort of warning signs that something wasn't right?

A week ago today I woke up with no symptoms. Everything disappeared, I no longer felt pregnant. 2 days later I experienced some brown discharge. For the next few days I experienced period pains and felt like my period was about to start. Today (1week later) pain has gone, have white discharge but still my pregnancy symptoms have not returned.

Does this sound like a MMC?

Am booked in for a scan weds and i know that's the only sure way of knowing....but I would be grateful for anybody who is willing to share their experiences xxx

OP posts:
NoIamAngelaHernandez · 05/05/2014 07:35

It is so hard not to worry, isn't it?

I had 2 MMC. In both I had brown discharge ( old blood).

But I also had the same discharge in my successful twin pregnancy.

I am pg again now, 27 weeks and all is fine. Have had a white discharge all the way through. ( sorry about all the TMI!)

I didn't notice any difference in symptoms coming and going in the successful and unsuccessful pregnancies - they did the same in both.

Chances are all is fine. Best of luck at your scan.

Nov282014 · 05/05/2014 07:43

Thank you, and that's wonderful news about your current pregnancy.

It's such a worry. I have convinced myself I am no longer pregnant so it is reassuring that you have experienced similar even with your current pregnancy and all is well.


OP posts:
Wineandchoccy · 05/05/2014 07:52

I found out I had a missed miscarriage last Thursday at my 12 week scan and had no idea.
Your body carries on making hcg so you still have pregnancy symptoms.

Try not to worry which I know is easier said than done.

Messygirl · 05/05/2014 08:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneau · 05/05/2014 08:06

Yes - I had been feeling really sick and really tired and my symptoms suddenly disappeared at 8 weeks. As DH and I were away for the weekend in Dubrovnik at the time I was just happy that I was feeling so well for our weekend away and could drink an occasional small coffee (the smell of coffee, up to that point, had been making me retch).

polkadotdelight · 05/05/2014 08:06

I had no bleeding at all with mine but I did bleed at 10 weeks and have some cramping with this pregnancy (nearly 21 weeks now and all fine). You just can't tell. Easy to say but please try not to worry and I hope all goes well on Wednesday.

juneau · 05/05/2014 08:07

Go for an early scan if you are worried - its better to know IMO. I didn't know until 12 weeks.

misog2000 · 05/05/2014 08:09

My symptoms suddenly disappeared at 10+2 and I had been so sick I was really worried. But all was fine at my 12 wk scan and I'm now nearly 20 weeks so fingers crossed a all is ok for you too

bonzo77 · 05/05/2014 08:09

Loss of pg symptoms at about 8 weeks. And those symptoms had been far milder than in my previous successful pg. also a wierd psychological disengagement with the pg. I realise all this in hindsight.

thatwhichwecallarose · 05/05/2014 08:13

The thing is, we might spot things in hindsight that are actually completely unconnected!

However in my case, I had some red blood. Only when I wiped and not lots. Main problem for me is that lots of people on here and 3 people in RL had this in their successful pregnancies so I had convinced myself that it would be ok. So it was such a shock!

Chances are you're going to be fine, but if you're worried you should phone EPU - they really don't mind!

BalloonSlayer · 05/05/2014 08:25

With my MMC the symptoms were never startlingly there in the first place - but I hadn't had a successful pregnancy at that point so I didn't realise. I do remember my boobs stopped hurting. I did worry because I had had a mc before but not too much.

Another very early miscarriage I had, (about 6 weeks) I got up in the morning, looked at my body and knew it had "gone" - my boobs and stomach looked different. Bleeding started the next day.

However I have heard that it is quite normal for pregnancy symptoms to appear to suddenly go away, and they certainly did so in my successful pregnancies too, so take heart.

Hope everything is OK Flowers

Nov282014 · 05/05/2014 08:31

So many of these symptoms I can so relate from the beginning my symptoms have only been extremely mild (apart from sore boobs)... But also the feeling of complete disengagement with the pregnancy. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I never ever foresaw a future with a baby in it?? So weird.

Yea I agree the hindsight thing may be totally's bizarrely useful and helpful, though, reading the experiences of others who have experienced miscarriage to see if I have similar currently....and for many of the posts I do. Ah well, until Wednesday I guess I'm in absolute limbo xxx

OP posts:
thatwhichwecallarose · 05/05/2014 09:33

Will be thinking of you until then! Please let us know x

Catlover2014 · 05/05/2014 12:15

Hi Nov,

Just wanted to say good luck for your scan. Remember mmc are rare and the likelihood is you will be fine.

I've suffered two mmc but can't say I really knew to be honest. Hope to hear good news from you in Wednesday.

Stay positive :)


MabelMay · 05/05/2014 19:53

Hi OP.
I had a normal MC. Then later had an MMC in July last year. with the MMC I had a feeling something was up and became worried as all my symptoms did disappear. But, to reassure you, I'm 14 weeks pg now and have had long spells during 1st trimester when symptoms have gone for long periods (only to return a week or so later). What was different with my MMC was that my boobs went from full and tender to rather flaccid and with no tenderness at all in the nipples. That seems to have been the difference between this PG and that one.

However, I would say that every single pregnancy is different and that, with the odds stacked heavily in your favour, am sure you are just one of those people who doesn't have to suffer the 1st trimester symptoms for too long. At least you have the scan very soon to, hopefully, reassure you that all is well. Good luck to you - try not to worry as there's nothing you can do to change the result and, statistically, all is likely fine with your little bean.
All the best.

squeezycheeseplease · 05/05/2014 20:00

So sorry that you are going through this - I've had quite a few and a lot of different symptoms. Had one where the pregnancy just 'switched off' really - felt very pregnant one day, the next I had no nausea, breasts weren't sore any more, lots of other things changed. With two of them, I had one wipe of red blood, then nothing for a while. With two more, I just had no pregnancy symptoms at any point at all (for 12 weeks each time). Sometimes haven't known until no heartbeat or growth shows.

It's true there is nothing you can do to change what it going to happen but it's still rubbish Sad. People on here helped me so much through some of mine, and you will find great support whatever happens.

Take care x

IdaClair · 05/05/2014 20:21

With my first mc the first sign of mc was bleeding, which came one week after my 13 week scan. It wasn't a mc as such but I was scanned again and knew there was no heartbeat remaining i chose to wait for natural mc which happened a fortnight later, so had it not been for that initial bleed and seeing the baby still on the scan it would have been a missed mc.

My second was a 'proper' mmc and I had brown discharge on and off and occasional spotting so ended up with scans at 7,11,13,16 weeks, so never really settled in. I don't know when the baby left us that time but the last time I knew he was ok was the heartbeat at the MW appointment around 17 weeks, I ended up induced with that one.

The lack of symptoms is probably due to the placenta taking over, which happens at this stage and is a good sign.

RiverRocks · 06/05/2014 10:16

No. I contracted severe tonsillitis and had a fever so they sent me for a scan and found the baby had stopped growing 3 weeks before.

It is very rare. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything goes okay on Wednesday. Thanks

juneau · 07/05/2014 17:42

Any news OP?

redandchecker · 07/05/2014 17:52

Try not to worry, I don't think Many people experience MMC after no symptoms. The pregnancy hormones are often still present so can create symptoms still. As you are nearing the 2nd trimester it's quite likely that you're just starting to feel better. I'm in my second trimester now and most symptoms have stopped, I'm have much more energy and my boobs don't kill!
I had brown and red discharge on two occasions with my DS who is now nearly five. I had white discharge and brown discharge with this pregnancy, my midwife and google Grin told me white discharge is a good sign as it shows the pregnancy is attaching.

With all my MMCs from the moment I found out I was pregnant I really suffered awful back and tummy pain. With my first I had no bleeding whatsoever and pregnancy symptoms were still present.

With one of my MMCs I bled every single week but a cause could never be found and later I had an MMC.

With this pregnancy (now 16 weeks) I have had tummy cramps a lot - the sonographer was able to show me this was due to how rapidly my uterus was growing and showed me the huge differences in size over a few weeks.

You see - each and every pregnancy is completely different, it is so hard to tell but if you are worried have an early scan - it's the only way you will be put at ease or know for sure.

Hope all goes well Thanks

Nov282014 · 07/05/2014 19:02

Hi everyone.
Firstly I want to say thank you so so soooo much for everybody's support, you have been amazing and so reassuring.

I can't quite believe it but the scan showed a heart beat And a healthy baby bouncing around measuring bang on its dates!!!!

I don't even know what to think!! Such relief, I genuinely had convinced myself if had gone until I read some posts which gave me some hope. I just cannot believe it.

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences, it was such a support reading both positive and negative outcomes, giving a more realistic view of things than I think a doctor ever could.
Thank you again xxx

OP posts:
thatwhichwecallarose · 07/05/2014 19:11

So pleased for you, OP. Hope you get a nice smooth pregnancy now!

Forester · 07/05/2014 19:13

That's great news

redandchecker · 07/05/2014 19:14

Brilliant news

polkadotdelight · 07/05/2014 19:15

Brilliant! Bring on the morning sickness!

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