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Why is the waiting game so mentally exhausting?

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mrsdiddlydoo · 24/04/2014 18:49

Hi Smile I should be 10 weeks tomorrow, but I have been bleeding on and off since Monday. Spoken to my GP and have a scan booked on Monday at our local EPU. Time is going so slowly though. I feel so drained trying to hold it together. I had a scare at about 7 weeks which turned out to be ok. Saw our little bean with a strong heart beat.

Sorry if this is tmi, but this week I've seen every colour of blood under the sun! From little to more, from spotting old blood to strange stringy bits, to red to it almost vanishing again. The cramps tell me something is wrong which I accept, but I wish my body would just makes its blumming mind up what it's doing.

I am trying to find the strength to keep functioning, which I'm succeeding at, just about, but damn you body... you are making me so cross! If anyone feels like hanging out with me over the weekend, which I suspect might be a long one for me, please come by and say hello!!

I don't mean to sound ungrateful for my pregnancy and don't mean to offend anyone with anything I've said. This bean is much, much wanted and loved so much already.

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bakingtins · 24/04/2014 19:04

It's very hard being in limbo and wondering if it's all ok. Can't EPU see you this week?
Here to hand hold or cheer as appropriate....

mrsdiddlydoo · 24/04/2014 19:41

Thank you bakingtins. Its the earliest they can see me.

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qazxc · 24/04/2014 19:49

I'm so sorry. I absolutely empathise, I've had 3 miscarriages and the "limbo" stage was the worse for me so mentally and emotionally draining to be oscillating between hope and grief. Take care of yourself, talk to your nearest and dearest (don't keep it all bottled up) and if there are things you feel you can't say in RL say them on here. This site has frequently kept me sane.

mrsdiddlydoo · 24/04/2014 20:11

qazxc MN definitely keeps me sane. Only a couple of people know in RL which is probably not helping keep me sane! Chocolate and cake on the other hand are helping a lot!!

OP posts:
mrsdiddlydoo · 25/04/2014 16:39

Does anyone know why I seem to have more bleeding and pain in the evenings? Or is it just me

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qazxc · 25/04/2014 18:35

Sorry i don't know why the time of day would make a difference. I did seem to bleed more in the mornings but I thought it was because i went from lying down to standing up (ie gravity).

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