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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

3rd miscarriage in row. Quenby or shehata?

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Tryingno1 · 19/04/2014 18:38

Hi everyone. I'm new to mumsnet although been obsessively reading posts for a year now.

I'm 29 and had a natural miscarriage at 5 plus 5 (two months of trying) Then a missed miscarriage at 8 plus 5 led to D and C (saw a heartbeat at 6 plus 5) (2 months of trying). I'm now going through number 3 (took 3 months off and then preg 5th month. I was 5 plus 3 this time.

Was on cyclogest, high dose folic acid and pregnacare this time. Had tests after number 2-nothing.

We get preg quite quickly but can't hang on for some reason ;(

I'm now considering the nk route. Anyone have any exp of either quenby or shehata? What made you choose which? Any success or not success stories?

Me and hubby trying to be brave and get on and enjoy the good things in our life but we both desperately want just a baby. I'm thinking starting acupuncture to help deal with things see of the above consultants quickly and privately and then start again ASAP. AGAIN :(

I want to stay positive but wonder if I should start preparing myself for this not happening for me as I have read posts of women having many miscarriages and then accepting that for them it's time to stop. (Although I know the odds r in my favour and I've read more success stories you can't help wonder if your one of those who won't have a baby)

I must add I have amazing hubby and supportive parents who r making this so much more bearable and giving me my strength.

Thanks for ur replies in advance :)

OP posts:
2kidsintow · 19/04/2014 18:49

I had 3 mmcs. All early. They did the tests. Nothing showed. Just try again.

We didn't see any consultants specially as the tests didn't indicate we should.

My 4th preg resulted in twin pregnancy, which I thought I was losing as I had bleeding. One of them managed to hold on though and DD is now 13.

5th preg was completely uneventful and DD is now 9.

I did ask myself when would be the time to stop, but we were lucky.

Tryingno1 · 19/04/2014 19:09

That's lovely. Goes to show It's just pot luck sometimes isn't it...for so many people number 4/5/6 is fine...I think my personality is such I'm
Always looking for an answer and want to feel like I'm doing

Maybe I should just keep everything crossed and just hope I get lucky next time...

OP posts:
bakingtins · 21/04/2014 15:11

Hi trying sorry to hear about your losses. I'm a patient of Prof Q and now 33 weeks pregnant after 4 MC, all NHS tests normal. My reasons for choosing her were

  1. That she does a uterine biopsy rather than bloods, there is some controversy over whether blood NK levels correlate to what is happening in the uterus.

2. That it's a fixed price of £350 and one visit only. I'm >100 miles away from either Coventry or London.
3. That she works with local RMC units rather than expecting you to then go exclusively to her.
4. That her protocol is steroids rather than the more controversial and expensive IVIG, intralipids, hydroxy etc that the London doctors use. She also recommended clexane (heparin injection) and progesterone for me, all of which my GP prescribed on the basis of her referral report.

Obv the decision worked out well for us. Both doctors claim about an 80% success rate. I was told 60% on her protocol based on my individual results and for once we were on the right side of the stats. I know of people who have had further losses on her protocol and gone to Dr Shehata,and equally people who have had losses with him and gone to Dr Gorgy. There are no guarantees..

Please come and join the RMC thread on this board for a bit of moral support if you would like, also there is a thread on the conception board called "TTC or pregnant on pred" where there are lots of people with experience of all the NK doctors to get other opinions.
Tryingno1 · 21/04/2014 15:30

Thanks so much for that. I've emailed quenby's secretary so will try get the ball rolling soon.
Will def join the thread once My brain is working a bit more! Currently pretty drained.
Congrats on ur pregnancy :)

OP posts:
Igggi · 26/04/2014 00:22

At your age, I wouldn't stop, long as you have the strength to keep going a bit longer. (Or maybe stopping takes more strength, I don't know!)

I had a dc, then four mc. I saw dr.shehata. At the time dr Quenby didn't see private patients, and I live nowhere near so couldn't be referred. I did believe I had an auto-immune problem as thyroid problems and similar in my family. Took lots of vitamins, had acupuncture, steroids, progesterone, baby aspirin. No way to tell what made the difference but had dc2 at 41. It might be cold comfort just now but the fact it doesn't take you long to conceive will help in the future.
Sorry for your losses.

Tryingno1 · 26/04/2014 08:32

Thanks for your story glad it worked out for you :)
Luckily up to now I do concieve fairly quickly so I'll just have to keep going. I don't have an intention to stop I just worry it won't work out....sometimes I think being young makes this even weirder-how can I have so many bad eggs? All my routine nhs tests are negative. Maybe nk cells will be my answer...hard to except "bad luck" after 3 in a row...
I've decided to go to quenby after 2 cycles are over so fingers crossed for next time x
I'm also starting acupunture too!

OP posts:
mackoo0524 · 13/09/2014 12:24

Hi Tryingno1, sorry for your losses :( I know this is an old thread but just wanted to see how you were doing. Did you end up seeing a specialist?

I've had 2 MCs in a row, about a year apart. Even though I've 'only' had 2 MCs, because we don't conceive easily (second pregnancy took 10 cycles to conceive), we've decided to go down the private route for investigations... Just had my first appointment with Dr Gorgy on Wimpole Street.

Would love to see how you're getting on!

Take care x

Tryingno1 · 14/09/2014 09:33

Hi mackoo.sorry you have been through what u have. It's pretty crap...
I did end up seeing shehata. My normal routine nhs tests were done after 2 and all normal
shehata Has told I have normal nk cells but high activity. So I'm on 25mg of pred from ovulation to stop of negative test. I'm in cycle 2 of ttc on this and in the 2ww trying to keep calm!

How was ur first appt? Did dr gorgy give u any indication of what it may be?

OP posts:
mackoo0524 · 18/09/2014 21:25

Hi trying, thanks so much for your reply! I hope Dr Shehata's treatment works for you. Fingers crossed!!
Nope, he said it could be a combination of factors, and only the tests will find out...
I also convinced my Gp to order some basic tests for me. I've had bloods taken to test for thyroid problems, total blood count, rubella and something else. I guess it's better than nothing :)
Hope this cycle will be your lucky one!

Tryingno1 · 19/09/2014 08:54

Thanks mackoo!
It's so hard. The 2ww just drags on and on...it's easy to start thinking its never going to happen!
Hope the tests show something treatable for u or nothing at all and ur lucky next time. good luck.
If I fail with his plan a few times gorgy is prob someone I would go to too! Hope u have a "good" exp with him (as much as u can if u know wot I mean!)

OP posts:
mackoo0524 · 20/09/2014 20:59

Thanks trying! Let us know how you get on. I know, it's so easy to start thinking it's never going to hapen, isn't it? But let's not lose hope!

DH and I are hoping to get some tests done this week. Hope we'll have some results soon x

mackoo0524 · 29/12/2014 13:44

Hi again Trying, hope you're well! Just wondering if you had any updates on TTC? We had a consultation with Dr Shehata a couple of weeks ago for a second opinion on the test results from Dr Gorgy, and hubby and I both prefer Shehata's approach, so we're officially under his care now. How are you getting on with your treatments? Xx

Tryingno1 · 29/12/2014 22:29

Hi mackoo! I went to shehata. I'm still not preg yet so can't say much! I'm Just about to enter the 2ww of cycle 6 and have no idea why I'm not getting preg (taken 2Months,2 again and 5 last time) I'm hoping My bfp is just around the corner.
Come over to the www.mumsnet.com/Talk/conception/2247776-Immune-natural-killer-cell-treatment-when-TTC-or-pregnant-aka-the-14th-pred-thread

There's a few of us on mr s treatment plan!

OP posts:
mackoo0524 · 02/01/2015 14:05

Hey Trying, thanks for your reply! Sorry to hear you haven't got preg yet :( Hopefully you'll get your BFP soon!

Thanks for the link, I'll definitely check it out! x

3inarow · 21/01/2018 18:09

Hi, I know this thread is a bit old now, but I was wondering how everyone was getting on?

I'm 32 years old and I've just gone through my 3rd missed miscarriage at 10weeks (saw a heartbeat for the first time, then it stopped within days afterwards). My first was in 2015 at 6weeks, 2nd was 2017 at 7weeks.

I had some interim tests at my GPs just after the 2nd missed miscarriage. They tested all STD's, Thrombophilia screening, Anticardiolipids and hormone levels. All seemed to come back normal, except my blood had a slight tendency to clot, and my hormones were slightly off (but the GP said this could have been because the tests were done too close to the miscarriage).

Anyways, for my latest pregnancy I saw my specialist (Dr Rao, James Cook Hospital). He prescribed Cyclogest, 75mg of aspirin and 5mg folic acid. Although I got further than ever before I still had another missed miscarriage.

I'm confused over whether to see Prof. Quenby or Dr Shehata? I've heard Dr Shehata is much more expensive (not that it matters - but it is a consideration)...

Do any of you have any recommendations? I'm looking to test for NK & other immunology issues too, as well as anything else they may recommend.

Any help greatly received!

Snoopysimaginaryfriend · 26/01/2018 23:47

Hi 3inarow. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I can confirm that tryingno1 did have a little boy last year. I too had three miscarriages in a row and went to dr shehata. I now have two daughters, one twenty months and one six months, so please don't lose hope as painful as it is.


This is a thread for women who are being treated by dr shehata or following similar plans. They are very friendly and helpful if you have any questions and the thread was a great support to me.

Good luck

Whyme2628 · 27/09/2018 20:39

Hi 3inarow..whom did you choose Prof Queby or Dr Shehata ..i hope you don't mind me asking

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