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First AF after natural miscarriage

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broodylicious · 12/04/2014 09:52

Hi all.
Looking for some advice please....
I miscarried naturally at 12 weeks just over six weeks ago. I've bled and spotted pretty much since. Last Thursday, I passed three palm sized clots - gave me a huge shock as I thought I'd passed all I could but called the hospital and nurse said that's quite normal for when first AF is due. No other blood though. Sunday, I started to bleed a little heavier and into Monday. Nothing Tuesday then on Wednesday, AF arrived. A bit heavier than normal and some clots but nothing crazy.

This morning, however, on the fourth day of AF, things have got nasty - passed a few huge clots and been pretty much stuck in the loo for the past hour as I'm bleeding so heavily that when I stand up, I can feel gushing. Confused

I just wondered if anyone else has had this kind of experience? The nurse did tell me everyone is different and it's ok to bleed heavy in the first period after mc so I'm trying not to panic, thinking it could be coming towards the end and AF wants to go out with a bang (the witch!!) but I've some cramping too.

Any advice more than welcome xxx

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pinkfizzsparkles · 12/04/2014 15:59

I'm sorry for your loss. It's emotionally and physically exhausting. Did you have a scan after to confirm you'd passed everything?

broodylicious · 12/04/2014 16:15

Thank you. Yes I mc on the day of my 12 week scan so kept the appt. it'd all passed by the time of my scan. I did a hpt a few weeks back and it came back with the bfn I knew I needed. Just bloody crap isn't it?!

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pinkfizzsparkles · 12/04/2014 16:34

It is crap! I only asked in case you hadn't been scanned and there was still stuff there. That happened to me and I bled a lot and passed clots after my ERPC. Your first period can be all over the place after MC. It's probably your body's way of ensuring everything is cleared out (excuse the terminology). Has it settled down a bit or still the same?

jazzyjenbo · 12/04/2014 17:16

Its bit called wtf cycle for nothing. My first af was horrendous after mc in jan. Very clotty, stringy, and lasted for 2 weeks.. Middle of period i had a day where i was filling a pad an hour and flooding, had to wear maternity pads.
But nxt cycle was back to normal, no clots, medium level of bleeding.

I look at it as your body getting rid of all the old lining and any old clits, blood and 'product' that maybe lingering.

Unless theres a smell or bleeding doesnt settle i wouldnt worry to much. X

broodylicious · 12/04/2014 19:22

Defo pink, who knows what could w in there and if I hadn't have kept my scan appt, I'd never have known whether it was all gone Hmm Thankfully, the bleeding has slowed down a lot and now it's back to what is normal bleeding for me on an ordinary AF.

Ooh jazzy, hope it's not getting rid of my clit, I might need that if we start ttc again, lol WinkGrin You're right, though, it is the wtf cycle and I had half prepared myself for a weird one but it's still taken me by surprise that my body could go so off the rails like this. Although I'm not pleased you had to go through this too, I'm glad to have found someone with a similar experience so thank you.

Just hope that tomorrow will be lighter now as I haven't dared go out today but have plans (zoo) tomorrow with dd, sister and nephew....

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jazzyjenbo · 14/04/2014 23:06

Lol just seen my bluper!! Hope that made u smile :-)

Hope things are starting to settle for you.

If its any conciliation my next period was very light, only 6 days (used to be about 9 days) and very light. Although it was a 34 day cycle. I think our bodies just need time to re adjust. If you are ttc again i would recommend downloading the ovia fertility app, really helps you plot your signs and symptoms and i've found it helpful being able to track more or less from my MC.

Empem288 · 07/05/2014 00:04

Can I just ask as I'm mighty confused and totally unsure of what / how to work things out..

If you have continually bled after a natural miscarriage how do you know when you are actually having your AF and it's not just a continuation of MC bleed, also how do you work your date out for when it is due?

I had a natural MC last Friday so very much still in the stage of heavy bleeding but am interested to know the next sign. I've got to do a HPT in 2 weeks and go from there. Would anyone recommend ovulation kits?

broodylicious · 14/07/2014 13:29

Just in case anyone finds this on a google search (I know and appreciate how annoying it is for you not to get proper results!).... I didn't stop bleeding for 12 whole weeks after the mc. Ended up having an emergency appointment at the hospital and then a MVA as there was still a little piece of my darling bubba holding on to my womb :( So, if you're still bleeding, please go to the doctor or hospital - you won't be a burden to them and they'll just want you to feel better :)

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