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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

2 years ago today

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NAB3 · 17/08/2006 18:52

That I miscarried our baby. It is also my MIL's birthday and she said it would be a long time before she could celebrate again. She did so the next year. If we mention it we will be spoiling her day, no doubt. I then conceived twins very quickly but lost one. I feel strange today. Still very sad about my lost 2 babies, but not was distraught as back then. Feel guilty for that. Also DH has said no more babies at all, ever and that makes me sad. We would have had more if things had been easier.

Sorry for ramble, just needed to write this down.

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liquidclocks · 17/08/2006 19:38

I know there's nothing I can say here to make you feel better but just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I grieve for my baby every year too when everyone else forgets. Very sad for you, must be very hard to have it associated with another memorable day too. Big for you.

Misspiggy · 17/08/2006 19:55

Oh Nab, I'm so sorry. Maybe your MIL thinks it is better not to mention your loss in case it upsets you (my mum is a great one for declaring things "over and done with" and not discussing them as it will bring it all back - not my way of dealing with things but perhaps it's generational?) In a way I can understand your DH - he has seen what you have been through both physically and emotionally and probably can't bear the thought of the woman he loves going through that again, plus, of course, I'm sure he was devastated as well. Of course you will feel strange and not as distraught as you did at the time - old cliche but time heals and this helps you to move on so you can live your life rather than being stuck in a morass of grief. ((((hugs)))

Charlee · 17/08/2006 19:57

Thinking of you NAB3

laneydaye · 17/08/2006 19:58

big fat hug for you......xxxxxx

NAB3 · 17/08/2006 21:12

MIL can not handle anything remotely emotional and if I mentioned it she would literally say nothing. The fact is I nearly died having our youngest and we nearly lost him too so it is too risky but I can't help thinking we might just in a few years. It isn't fair.

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