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Uki · 17/08/2006 12:37


I have just read jeddahs post and feel terrible for her, as well as for myself as just suffered 4th m/c. Just had 11 viles of blood taken today to see if i need to take asprin. I have mild lupus, rhemotoid arthritis factor and boarderline hypertension. Just wondering what other women have taken it for ??? specifically in relation to positive tests. Would love to hear from Julezboo and whiffy if your about, your brave women as I'm actually finding m/c harder not easier. Feel very woe is me right now. Thought I was healthy till i started trying for babies. Luckly I have one DS but would love another baby.

OP posts:
julezboo · 17/08/2006 13:36

Hiya Honey,

TBH honey from what Im told lupus, antiphosphilipid syndrome and Factor V Leiden are all pretty much the same. All to do with antibodies and clotting issues.

Im sorry you have had to go through 4 mc's to start getting somewhere, I think testing should be done after two. I had to wait 5mc's before they started testing me and I tested positive for Factor V Leiden, which they told me is very common and in most people goes un noticed. My mum has it too but has never had to go through a mc thankfully, its an awful thing and very hard to deal with, and despite what people might say the more you have it doesnt get any easier in my opnion, my 5th was just as hard to deal with as the 1st.

Did you have a good pregnancy with your ds?

My ds was born at 31 weeks and we were both very poorly, so I was told anyway that they would put me on aspirin as soon as I got pregnant, dec 05, i took the aspirin as I was told to and it didnt work, i honestly started doubting it, because I had also heard that aspririn can cause mc in women who dont need it. Again in Jan 06 and Mar 06, i took the aspirin cos i was assured it would help, I begged and begged for them to start me on the heparin injections early, they told me they would wait till fetal heartbeat was found, it never was so sadly the mar 06 ended with a D&C. Shortly after i got all my results and they told me I was factor V Leiden. I put my foot down then and told them if they didnt start the injections sooner i would find someone that would.

3 months after my D&C i got my positive 1 day before my AF was due, I rung the EPAU and went in later that afternoon for a hcg check, they said if that comes back ok they will look at starting me on the injections as soon as possible, This was a thurs, so I expected to go back friday to pick them up! I had to go down there myself the following tuesday as they kept fobbing me off on the phone i sat in the waiting room and refused to move till they give me it.

For fear of babbling on too much, I will just say that I believe starting them injections has helped us get this far (14 weeks on monday) although the bloody hurt, the hospital were seeing it as a last resort type thing, but I wasnt that willing to give up if Im honest, I have a ds, but for dp this will be his first child.

If you have any questions honey please ask, or email me or msn julezboo @ hotmail . co . uk

Id be more than happy to help you x x x


Uki · 18/08/2006 02:36

Hi Julez
Have tried to email you but it's not going through, so I have just pasted it below anyway. Does your eamil have spaces have tried with and without maybee hotmail is down.
If you want email me [email protected]

Thankyou for your help. Gee you have to be forceful with these medical people, it's terrible. They really don't seem to do anything unless you demand it. I have found the same but i am in Oz.

Well done for being so insistent with the Heparin and all. Congrat's on 14 weeks I think you are due in Feb??? I was on the due in feb thread too, but didn't post that often.

I demanded to be retested as the lupus and artritis were from tests after m/c's two years ago, and have read things can change especially after births.

My Son's preg wasn't too bad though got induced for pre eclampsia at full term, and blood pressure has been a bit up since then and instead of having low blood pressure in early preg it was already a bit high with recent m/c.

So I think that wouldn't help a developing baby.

I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind- What is Factor V Leiden?

and How old is your DS?
Mine is 14 months.

And are you getting more care for this pregnancy, extra checks etc?

It is really nice to speak to someone who knows how I feel, are you able to relax more now at 14 weeks ????

Anyway thanks again
Bye for now Selena (aka Uki)

OP posts:
julezboo · 18/08/2006 09:00

Morning Selena,

Im sorry my email didnt work I gave you the wrong address doh! julezboo2104 @ hotmail. co . uk!

Anyway Factor V Leiden is a blood clotting gene I inherited from my mum, there is two factors, factor 5 which I have which is just one mutated gene and factor 7, which is the mutated gene from both parents! You can read more here...

I too had pre eclampsia with my ds (whos now 4) and he was born by emergency c section at 31 weeks, to cure the PRE E and because my placenta had clotted and started to break away at 28 weeks. I was pretty poorly and dont remember much about it but from what my mum tells me they left me a little bit too long with my bp so High it almost killed me. The day after he was born doctors came round to check and i had no movement in my right side, was given mri scans, lumberpunctures, moved to a neurology hospital and put into intensive care. They couldnt really tell me what had happen, one doc said a mild stroke, another says it was cerebal odeama, another tells me my pre eclampsia developed into eclampsia and I had a eclamptic fit... Who knows!

As for the extra checks, I moved 200 miles away from my original hospital where I had my son and all my mc's, in the beginning they did extra checks, scanning me every 10-14 days, but since moving down here Ive had to push a bit. I was scanned at 6 weeks (due to heavy bleed and thought we had lost beanie, then I fainted) then i was scanned at 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 13 weeks now. I did have a bleed in my uterus but now that has cleared I wont see another doc or have another scan till 20 weeks (but i am having a private one at 16-17 weeks for piece of mind)

Apparently they will watch me closer from 27 weeks as thats when my problems started and baby will be born before 36 weeks because both me and baby will be at too much risk after then.

As for feeling relaxed, I am a little more more relaxed now, enough to be able to start planning and buying little bits, but I still wont be able to fully relax till beanie is here and after this one comes we wont be having anymore its just too much to go through.

I will see if I can find a list for you for what I was tested for, seems to be the norm over here as I know alot of other ladies who have had the same tests.

Quick question? Have you read lesley reegans book, "what every woman needs to know about miscarraige" Helped me alot.
take care sweetie. How you holding up?

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