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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

2nd mc in 3 months. No dc and turning 41 in Sept. Bad luck or something sinister?

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angelgabe · 22/02/2014 11:28

Hi all

Having spent the last couple of hours reading everyones different stories I find myself feeling desperately sad for some of you on here. As devastated as I am, to hear some of your stories has made me (this sounds terrible i know!) feel better.

Been trying for a year, both DH and I are 40. Fell pregnant in December but miscarried at 5 weeks. Then fell pregnant again 2nd cycle after mc. Again I have miscarried at 5 weeks.

Had a lot of blood tests and a couple of scans. Only discrepancy seems to be high TSH (12.9) but with normal, albeit low end T4 (12).

My acupuncturist spoke to me yesterday about Killer Cells. Live quite near Mr Shetata's clinic and I believe he is in an expert in recurrent miscarriage.

My question is...given i've "only" (feels like a lifetime!) been trying for a year and have fallen pregnant twice, could the miscarriages be bad luck or should I book a private appointment with an expert. NHS (and I work for them!!) aren't being particularly helpful. Seen yesterday whilst I am miscarrying and told to come back in 4 months. The Consultant isn't sure what to do and told me to have a break for a couple of months! TSH a really big factor? I begged my GP to put me on Levothyroxine when I fell pregnant with the second but she reluctantly put me on such a small dose I don't think it would have made any difference yet.

Sorry for the long-winded ramble.....any advice really welcome!

OP posts:
Vatta · 22/02/2014 11:44

Firstly, I'm so sorry for your two losses. I've also had two miscarriages in my first year of trying, so I get exactly where you're coming from.

That tsh really is very high - it should be below 2 ideally for pregnancy.

The nhs tends (as you will know!) to be very slow about these things, and unless you have 3 miscarriages they won't refer you for treatment for recurrent miscarriage.

If you can possibly afford it, I would go private at this stage.

jazzyjenbo · 22/02/2014 12:15

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I've had one mmc and if i was unlucky enough again i think i'd seek advise elsewhere. Care uk is based in manchester and can do tests looking for genetic causes etc.

If you feel you need further 'more informal' chatting everything out. Feel free to join the fb group i set up, the link cam be found on the miscarriage pages or pm me for more info (only 14 of us all mc in nov, dec, jan, feb)

quietlysuggests · 22/02/2014 12:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HopefulHamster · 22/02/2014 12:23

I am so sorry for your loss.

It could well be bad luck, once you hit late thirties/forties a good portion of eggs will be chromasonally faulty, so it can take longer to get pregnant with one that's meant to last the distance, if you know what I mean (I hope that doesn't sound too cold, it's partly how I reassure myself over a miscarriage I had last year).

Given your age, I would push for referrals to fertility specialists or go private, simply because if it takes a while to get pregnant again, you don't have long for treatment and so on. But you could also get pregnant next month and have a baby at the end of the year! Good luck.

angelgabe · 22/02/2014 12:40

Ladies thank you so much, it's so silly as I kind of know I need to go private but there are so many "what if's" playing around in my head. I've just phoned now and left a message for an appointment. Sometimes you need a few people to say "do it" to actually do it!
Thank you also for your kind helps more than you know.

OP posts:
Ruggle · 22/02/2014 20:54

I had an mmc followed by an mc followed by a so far successful pregnancy (15 weeks) all within the past 8 months, and this will be my first baby, and I'm turning 40 this year. It is more common at our age, but don't give up!

bakingtins · 23/02/2014 19:12

I'd def want another opinion on that TSH, it's very high.
If it's possible, push for testing on any 'products' (sorry, horrible word) if the MC is current. It makes a big difference if you are losing embryos due to faulty chromosomes or if something is causing the loss of normal embryos.
I have high NK cells, diagnosed by Prof Quenby in Coventry after my 4th MC, and am now 25 weeks pregnant. I'm 40 later this year. Don't give up.

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