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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

having 'products of conception' tested

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Cosmonaut1 · 13/02/2014 13:22

Apologies for the grimness of this. Has anyone had this done privately, not through the epu, and if so where and how? Thanks

OP posts:
Stockhausen · 13/02/2014 13:27

The hospital were going to test mine the last time, as I was part of a clinical trial on recurrent miscarriage, dh had to take any thing I passed in to the hospital & they were going to check chromosomes etc, but the witch midwife at hospital didnt bother putting it in the fridge :( so we got a letter saying they couldn't.

So if you were going ahead, be aware of storage.

Id think hard though why you want it done, as chances of anything being wrong are small.

Have you had recurring miscarriages or problems?

Dh & I were tested, which was probably more reassuring tbh.

bakingtins · 13/02/2014 15:23

I had my 4th MC tested on the NHS, but had previously seen a private gynae consultant and she had said if I MC again that she could arrange testing of products. Have you tried contacting your local BUPA/Spire hospital and enquiring? I googled it and the only lab I came up with was in the USA.
If you've had problems with recurrent miscarriage the testing ought to be available on the NHS but you might need to push for it.
It was very useful, albeit grim, for me to get the testing done. Embryo was normal, which prompted me to investigate immune issues since the standard tests didn't come up with anything and they had "assumed" I was producing dodgy embryos. Well they assumed wrong. Now I've been appropriately treated I'm 24 weeks pregnant.

Cosmonaut1 · 13/02/2014 16:37

Thank you so much for the replies. I contacted the epu as a first off and they were actually brilliant, and its all sorted and sent off, and ill get the blood tests done too. Baking tins I remember you replied to a previous question I had about progesterone. I've been struggling to conceive for 6.5 years - with taking additional progesterone I've had 3 mc's consecutively so still looking for some other answers hopefully. I think I'm going to do the warwick implantation clinic thing you suggested before next month also to see what they say. Ive previously done the whole Mr S from epsom route which didnt work for me. thanks again.

OP posts:
Cosmonaut1 · 13/02/2014 16:37

Oh and I'm very pleased for you that you're so far along!

OP posts:
bakingtins · 13/02/2014 16:45

I hope you get some answers from it. Come join the RMC support thread if you want a bit of company on the journey.

Stockhausen · 13/02/2014 19:07

The trial I took part in was to do with sticky blood syndrome & clotting disorders, I also had the bloods done (15 visls I think...) and they took one vial from dh to test his chromosomes.

All came back normal, which I guess means it was just rotten luck. Got there in the end though,and hospital gave me extra scans for reassurance.

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