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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Suffered a recent MC or MMC??

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jazzyjenbo · 27/01/2014 19:21

I have set up a FB group for ladies wanting to discuss their MC or MMC in a more personal way ... The group is secret (cannot be searched for on FB) and will only have MN members added and we will all of suffered losses in Nov, Dec 2013 or Jan, Feb 2014. If you want to join please PM me your real name and tell me what ur profile pic is on FB and I will add you. X x

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jazzyjenbo · 27/01/2014 21:41

2 new members this evening and already sharing stories if you would like to join please pm me.

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jazzyjenbo · 29/01/2014 16:54

Lots of support being given to our members today.. Please pm me if you want to b added x

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jazzyjenbo · 19/02/2014 16:15

Bumping... Still available for and mn mums to join.. X

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sebsmummy1 · 19/02/2014 16:19

Jazzy how are you PMable when your username is unclickable?

bakingtins · 19/02/2014 16:41

Click on "message poster" sebsmummy

sebsmummy1 · 19/02/2014 17:26

I'm using the mobile site and I can't see that option, wonder if it's only available on the desktop site. If Jazzy could PM me that would be great.

jazzyjenbo · 19/02/2014 19:27

I've pm'd u hun, i'm on mobile aswell and there is an arrow at the side of each post which allows you to PM. If ne1 else would like more info please feel free to pm me or comment xx

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basgetti · 20/02/2014 19:57

I've pm'd you x

jazzyjenbo · 22/02/2014 12:40

This group has now got 14 members all who have had mc/mmc in nov dec 13 jan feb 14... If you would like to join please PM me, i'm happy to add new members who want to discuss their loss and how they are moving forward. X

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TinyTear · 05/03/2014 15:11

Hi, Had one in Oct 13 and another just now...

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