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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Strange/different period post miscarriage

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DoctorDonnaNoble · 20/01/2014 07:21

I'm having my first period post MC. The pain is severe but the bleeding itself is v different I usually have quite a lot of gloopy dark red bleeding but this time it's bright red blood and flooding when I stand. Is this what I'm to expect now? Sorry for TMI

OP posts:
Rockchick1984 · 20/01/2014 09:42

My first period post-miscarriage was much heavier than usual, I had been warned at the hospital to expect the first one to be "different" - some people have very light, some people flooding, and it should settle back to normal within a couple of months at the most.

mrsnec · 20/01/2014 09:58

It was the same with me but I didn't worry as I thought the old stuff would have gone with the mc. Im back to normal after 3 months but my cycle has gone from 35 days to 28.

ShoeWhore · 23/01/2014 13:18

I also had an odd period the first time after mc. The second one was more like normal although my cycle was always 1 day shorter afterwards for some reason.

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