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Excessive Blood loss during miscariage

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Kazyminx40 · 12/01/2014 11:05

Just writing this as a form of therapy I guess, also as a warning for women who experience excessive blood loss to get to hospital sooner rather than later.
I first noticed brown discharge sorry tmi on wiping, it was New Year's Eve, went to work as normal but while at work this increased. Called the early pregnancy unit and my gp, sadly I missed the window with the unit and couldn't be seen until the 2nd, was a horrendous experience miscarying slowly on the toilet New Year's Eve, especially wiping away my baby at midnight.
On the 2nd the ultrasound showed I was carrying identical twins, a super blow to the system, they then sent me home with no advise, only that I needed to come back a week later to see if one was still to survive, they had only measured 3mm or so at 11 weeks, they had stopped growing at 5 or 6 weeks. So the chance of that happening was zero!
I was told to call my gp if I started to haemorrhage. I left in a state of shock and sadness, I had felt all along I had twins.
The miscariage was very slow, I went back to work for two days, by the end of the second I had started to show a little bit of red on wiping,
That night it was still brown, the next day, a week after it all started I had some cramping then the bleeding started, it felt like I was letting go of lumps of jelly, then lots of blood, this came in waves and lasted about four hours, at the end I felt great and a massive sense of relief, it was over.
The next day at about midday I was suddenly bent over with pain and rushed to the toilet, I literally flooded the toilet with blood and soft clots, it just kept coming, I called my mum to watch my curious 2 year old, an hour later it was still coming, I started to feel very dizzy and thankfully had my phone to check the internet, thankfully mumsnet for similar experiences.
Called my partner to come home, called the hospital and they said to come straight in, my sister ended up taking me, I had soaked two maxi pads in the 20min journey , they thankfully took one look at me and took me to a side room, I passed out as they were hooking up a drip, I then spent the next day in hospital, loosing so much blood, passing out again (cervical shock) they removed part of the foetal sac while awake from my cervix, still bleeding heavily they finally gave me the operation, I cried until I was out, then woke up when it was over , no bleeding.
Lost so much blood over the three days I was given so many drips of fluid.
I'm now home with terrible tachycardia and can hardly turn over without feeling my heart will explode, I'm on iron tablets to get my hgb back up, it went from 11 to 7, they was going to give me a blood but thought I'd get my levels back with the fluids and iron tablets.
My partner has been amazing, he has totally stepped up to help, I still can't believe that slow natural miscariage turned into this, I'm sorry if this is shocking, but please don't delay getting to hospital if you fill a toilet with blood and tissue, keep an eye on yourself and how you feel, don't feel it will be ok and put it off, if it really is soaking a pads worth in an hour go!!!
I still feel in shock, petrified I would never see my daughter or partner or family, they never warn you about this and although it's rare to haemorrhage it's very distressing, and the recovery is harder than expected. If you have or are experienced in this please let me know how you are, it feels so awful, I've never been unwell and find this whole thing truely awful, I'm thankful the staff were amazing but shocked they didn't offer the op sooner, natural is the only way to them until it gets complicated.
If it wasn't for all the amazing posts on mumsnet I dread to think what would of happened.

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Kazyminx40 · 12/01/2014 11:12

Still fresh from the hospital so sorry if it's a bit dramatic :-)

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readysteady · 12/01/2014 11:18

So sorry to hear about your experience. Wish you and your family all the best xx

BobbyGentry · 12/01/2014 11:24

I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your precious identical twins. Please take time to heal and recover; do look after yourself.

Kazyminx40 · 12/01/2014 11:25

Thanks Readysteady, think it's just starting to hit me xxx

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Vatta · 12/01/2014 11:33

Sorry for your loss, what a terrible experience.

You're right to warn people - I think hospitals don't provide anything like enough guidance on what a natural miscarriage is actually like.

I miscarried at 12 weeks last year, although the baby had stopped developing at 8 weeks. I was told to expect a heavy period, but like you it was much more than that and I ended up in hospital, on a drip then had the op.

The guidance is that if you fill a pad in an hour, you should go to hospital. At one point I was filling pads within a couple of minutes. Anybody who is planning a natural miscarriage should make sure they have lots of pads plus towels to sit on during the journey to hospital if needed.

I did find it was a slow recovery - you have to deal with the blood loss and the rapid change in your hormones as well as the emotional side. I actually missed a month from work, and I think it took another month to feel physically back to normal - for a while I was in work but really not well.

Your doctor should sign you off for at least 2 weeks, then see how you feel.

If you don't want your work to know it was a miscarriage, your gp can just say post-surgery recovery on the sickness certificate.

Hope you start to feel better soon. The miscarriage association website is very helpful for advice.

Kazyminx40 · 12/01/2014 11:41

Thanks so much Vatta, bobbygentry reading your post has given me so much comfort, will try and get another week off to recover, it's such a tough journey, thank goodness for such lovely replys, thank you so much Xxxxx

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Ruggle · 12/01/2014 12:11

Kazy, I had mmc at 11 weeks and basically bled out on my partner's bathroom floor, faint and dizzy, having passed "nearly everything" in one go. I had been to A&E that morning but they'd said my cervix was still closed and to go home and wait it out, but to come back if filling a pad an hour. Blood was just pouring out so my partner took me back to A&E and I was admitted overnight and put on a drip. By following day things had slowed to "heavy period" though I was passing occasional large clots, but I didn't need surgery and went home that afternoon. Horrible experience. I cried almost solidly for two weeks.
I took 2 weeks off but could really have done with 3.
I had a second mc at 5 weeks and it really was like a heavy period.
I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant again and suffering from horrendous sickness...but keeping fingers crossed that it's a good sign...

Sorry you've been through this awful experience. Look after yourself!


MonsterMunchMe · 12/01/2014 12:39

I'm sorry for your loss OP Flowers

Same thing happened to me December 2012 after and incomplete TFMR due to baby having anacephaly. Hospital were awful and told me it was normal, then I stood up and pieces of my baby, 12-15 blood clots the size of kiwis and a non stop rush of blood started to come out, I fell on the floor in the middle of the ward with a health care assistant kneeling next to me crying as she hadn't ever seen anything like it before. It was only then thy took it seriously. I was in hospital for 7 days as had a massive infection as well. It was touch and go for a while. After I was discharged I was rushed back in 2 with haemorrhages, but not as bad as the first.

It was so traumatic I had post traumatic stress afterwards, it took me a couple of months to feel normal physically again. Emotionally I still struggle, I had the Mirena coil to stop my periods as I couldn't cope with bleeding anymore Sad

I hope you feel better soon, my thoughts are with you and your family at this time x

bakingtins · 12/01/2014 14:26

Kazy I am so sorry you lost your baby and that the process was so traumatic. I had a similar experience in 2009 at 10 wks, the sac got stuck in my cervix and had to be pulled out and I went into shock and needed fluids. Your HB is very low, I had a HB just below 7 after the birth of my son and had 2 units of blood. Do make sure it is rechecked by your GP to make sure it is coming up because it will really delay your recovery if it remains so low.
I have subsequently had 3 MC at 8-9 weeks and although blood loss has been heavy it has been short-lived and I've been physically fine at home. I think in most cases it's safe to MC at home but they do need to give much better information on when medical help is required.
Take it very gently, you definitely need at least a fortnight off work after such a terrible experience. You probably haven't even started to process it emotionally, I would think you are in survival mode. Hope you are being well cared for.

Kazyminx40 · 12/01/2014 15:44

Ladies, I'm so so sorry you had to experience this too, it's awful that after such loss you still need to go through the harrowing process.
I hope all of you find peace with this experience, please take some comfort in the sharing of your experience allows others to not feel alone, at the time you feel so alone but tonight I feel the love Xxxxxx Biggest kiss to you all Xxxxx

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