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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Spare hugs please?

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MontyP · 20/12/2013 17:07

I had MMC diagnosed at 12 week scan followed by ERPC last Friday. Am physically OK now, and 90% of the time am mentally OK. But could just do with a hug now if anyone has a spare please? #LoveHormones

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PicardyThird · 20/12/2013 17:11

Have one from me. Been there and done that and it's grim. Flowers

Ruggle · 20/12/2013 17:18

Empathy and hugs from me!

lifesgreatquestions · 20/12/2013 17:21

Here's another. I've been there.

MontyP · 20/12/2013 17:23

Thanks all! DH has come home early by chance, so have IRL hugs now. :)

OP posts:
CallingAllEngels · 20/12/2013 18:43

So sorry monty. (((hugs)))

bakingtins · 20/12/2013 19:57

Never quite as good as an IRL hug, but there are always ((HUGS)) here when you need them.

Kasterborous · 20/12/2013 20:38

Big ((hugs)) been there it's bloody awful. ((Hugs))

Hessy · 20/12/2013 22:04

Hugs xx

Tadpole2013 · 21/12/2013 07:13

Hey Monty
Better late than never.
Here's a long, long hug from me.

MontyP · 21/12/2013 10:05

Awww you are all wonderful. Thank you xx

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