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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

any advice please. I miscarrying?

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sillymeagain · 19/12/2013 15:45


I know there is no simple answer to this and I am probably clutching at straws but I am really hoping someone can offer me some advice please.

On sun I was 5+5 and had a bright red bleed in hindsight only a small amount (probably a teaspoon gathered at the bottom of the toilet bowl). When I called epac for advice I mentioned a stabbing pain (although not strong) and they sent me for a scan on mon to check for ectopic and all was ok....too early for heartbeat but in right place and told to go back on 3rd Jan to check all ok. Bleeding had more or less stopped after an hour.

The same happened again on tues tho a bit more blood but didn't continue for long.

Roll on to yesterday and I had what I assume is the start of a miscarriage. Rush of blood, bigger clots and waht seemed like insrant period. This lasted for about 4 hours on and off (possibly 3 or 4 rushes) this has also more or less stopped. With just some pink and old stringy cm when I wipe. But sometimes nothing.

Throughout this I have had no pain or cramps (apart from mild stabbing on sun eve).

As it was so early on the scan on Monday epac said they would not scan again till 3rd jan regardless.

I am in limbo and am pretty sure I have miscarried but feel it is really strange that I have barely bled and have no pain.

I have also has morning sickness today and yesterday (gagging not vomiting)

Can anyone shed any light or honest advice please?

Thank you

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vladthedisorganised · 19/12/2013 15:52

I'd go to your GP and say exactly what you've said here: I'm surprised the EPAC won't do another scan, as I would think given the rushes of blood and the bigger clots I would at least want to check. It's worth having another scan for peace of mind.

FWIW I had a partial MC earlier in the year - no pain at all but definitely had the rush of blood, and had the gagging in later stages.

I'm so sorry you're going through this Thanks

Tomkat79 · 19/12/2013 19:36

silly sorry you are going through this. I had a MC at 8 weeks and went for the surgical option so didn't have too much bleeding.

My understanding, although limited, is the earlier a MC occurs the more it is like a heavy period. Pregnancy hormones will still be surging through you hence why you may still have symptoms. For me this was one of the cruelest parts of MC, poas 4 weeks later and it still showing a positive.

Very frustrating that EPU won't scan you again until 3rd. Without meaning to give you false hope you never know, all may be well. Many people on here have had early bleeds and gone on to have the baby. Lots of love x

Thatssofunny · 19/12/2013 20:38

I went to A&E when I started bleeding (was about 5+4 at the time) and they took my bloods to check for hormone levels. Scan at that point was a bit useless and EPU didn't do one until about two weeks later, when I had already miscarried (but levels were bouncing up and down, so they wanted to check). Might be an option to go and have bloods taken, which are usually 48 hours apart. I'm sure your GP can do that (although mine was beyond useless...and they are still sending me invites and information stuff for pregnant women).
Despite the idea that mc at this stage should be like a heavy period, I had nothing of the sort. I had hardly any bleeding at all and no pain whatsoever. Felt surreal,...

I hope everything works out for you, though.

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