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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

What can I expect?

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greenlizard · 04/12/2013 20:34

I am 8 weeks but discovered on Saturday that my pregnancy didn't progress passed 5 weeks. I had a MMC at 10 weeks in June and had an ERPC. This time the clinic have insisted on rescanning me after a week even though it is clear that it isn't a viable pregnancy. I am totally devastated that this is happening again Sad

Today, I started to bleed red blood after spotting brown blood for a couple of days. I can see that there are number of small red clots so guess that this is the start of my MC.

Can you help me be prepared with what to expect by sharing your experiences? How long did it take? Will I bleed much? Should I stay at home tomorrow?


OP posts:
sizethree · 04/12/2013 21:44

Hi greenlizard. So sad to read about your loss and sending you a big virtual hug.
I suffered a MMC at 12 weeks just a couple of weeks ago. The pregnancy had stopped developing at 8 weeks, so all very sudden and sad.
I had very similar symptoms to you. Brown spotting for 2 days then a light flow of redder blood.
I went to my EPCU but there was a week's wait for an ERPC so I decided to go for the pill medical management. As I didn't want to wait for a natural miscarriage as I needed to go to a close friends wedding several days later.
The medical management speeds things up a lot. If you are nervous about the timeframe of a natural miscarriage it may be worth contacting your EPCU to discuss options and squeeze in for an earlier scan as does seem particularly bad practice to leave you waiting.
I would also suggest some practical supplies such as comfy pants, good comfortable absorbent sanitary towels, wet wipes, a hot water bottle, some painkillers and some nice biscuits!
It really is so horribly upsetting but do seek comfort in knowing that there's always a community of people here to help you get through and hold your hand. Lots of love. x

Bakingtins · 04/12/2013 22:11

Greenlizard I am so sorry you are facing this again, nobody deserves to go through it even once, let alone twice.
It is EPU protocol to rescan after a week if the embryo is around the size where it might reasonably be expected to still develop a heartbeat i.e. the 5-6 week mark, even when there is no doubt about dates, so I think it's very unlikely they will do anything before a week has elapsed, and it sounds like nature will have taken her course by then Sad
You may find this thread with tips for coping with miscarriage helpful, and I would definitely stay home until the bleeding has settled.

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