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MC at 5 weeks how formed was baby

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Tia2005 · 25/11/2013 22:58

I wanted to no if any nos how formed the baby is at 5 weeks I had a scan at 4+6 and they couldn't see anything I had bloods my hgc was 50 to days later (today ) there 14 I've had car amps and bleeding thanks x

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Bakingtins · 26/11/2013 07:43

Hi Tia glad you found the board, we're a bit tucked away.
Baby isn't really formed at 5 weeks. I had a scan at 5+4 and they could see a 1mm foetal pole. It would be about 5mm at the 6+ week stage when they expect a HB to start, then grow about 1mm a day from there.
If your concern is if you are going to see a baby pass that is not going to happen at this stage. That doesn't minimise the emotional side of the loss though, I know it's a baby to you as soon as you see the line on the test.
Hope you are coping ok Flowers

Tia2005 · 26/11/2013 17:56

Thank you so much for yr kind words x

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CallMeDuringDrWhoAndIllKillYou · 26/11/2013 18:12

So sorry for your loss Tia.

For what it's worth, the foetus is tiny at 5 weeks, not recognisable as a baby at all, and you wouldn't see anything passing.

Best wishes for the future.

Helpyourself · 26/11/2013 18:15

It was tiny Sad
I'm sorry for your loss

Tia2005 · 26/11/2013 20:09


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