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After ERPC - how long did periods take to return?

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MammySam · 17/11/2013 21:20

I had an ERPC on 14 th October at what would've been 9wks, however I had a missed MC probably at about 6-7wks.
Question is, in your experience how long did your periods take to return?
I'm 99.9% certain OV took place about a week ago (based only on my 'symptoms' as opposed to testing) and I'm getting period like mild cramps and back ache (and moodiness! Ha!) but no sign of anything else...
I don't think it's worth dong PG test for at least another few wks but jus interested in your experiences.
Also on a separate note, if I were PG before having a period and after an ERPC, what's the deal? Is it dangerous or just difficult to date? All the leaflets i have read suggested that dating was the only reason they advise waiting until after a period...?

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IpsyUpsyDaisyDo · 17/11/2013 21:30

I had my first period 8 weeks post-erpc (mmc at 10w). I was testing to see when I ov'd afterwards, but the opk sticks were all over the place & I'm not convinced that first one was a real period iykwim. Fell pregnant again the next cycle...

Marrow · 17/11/2013 21:31

I was exactly 4 weeks after.

Marrow · 17/11/2013 21:33

Unless you have a specific medical issue they just advise you to wait to make it easier to date and therefore reduce anxiety.

MammySam · 17/11/2013 21:34

Thanks guys, quite varied! I'll definitely keep sitting tight in that case!

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MammySam · 17/11/2013 21:34

Ah thanks Marrow, that ties up with what I've read, and eases my mind a bit too, just in case...!

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PacificDogwood · 17/11/2013 21:35

Sorry for your loss.

For me it was about 4-6 weeks each time.

Yes, only reason to delay TTC again is dating. Which is a bit of a none issue since we all get scanned nowadays.

Good luck.

MammySam · 17/11/2013 21:37

Thank you Pacific, and sorry to hear you've been through this more than once :(

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PacificDogwood · 17/11/2013 21:47

Aw, thanks. It's ok, it's quite a while ago now. I had 4 MMCs.
And now have 4 DSs Smile.

It's a ratio I can live with.

I just figured 'you've gotta be in it to win it' so kept trying.

Like I said, v best of luck to you, MammySam (awesome name btw Wink)

MammySam · 18/11/2013 18:22

Thank you and thank you!!!

Wowzers 4 MC must've been difficult but as you say you gotta be in it to win it!

Got a lovely dd, age 4, so I certainly know its all worth it in the end!


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greeneone12 · 18/11/2013 20:14

I was 4 weeks x

greenlizard · 24/11/2013 19:15

It took me 67 days to ovulate after my ERPC (10 weeks MMC) AF turned up 14 days after, took 33 days to ovulate on the next cycle and 14 days to AF, cycle 3 ovulated on day 12 and got a BFP 14 days after that!

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