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Early miscarriage 5-6 weeks. When should I expect to start bleeding?

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jessieagain · 04/11/2013 19:00

I should be 5 + 6 today. Last week I had a small bleed, bit more than spotting that lasted for a short time.

I had blood tests done and got the results today. No increase in hcg. :(

When should I expect my bleeding to start? How long will I last for?

My gp said to go in if it gets very heavy or painful but she didn't mention what to expect if it just happens 'normally' at this stage.

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Happilymarried155 · 04/11/2013 19:10

It can vary I'm afraid sometimes it takes a few days, maybe a week.

Again 'normal' is different for everyone. I had brown spotting for a day, a day and night of heavy bleeding, clots and pain and then after that it was just like a period. It's really different for everyone.

Make sure you have a hot water bottle and some pain killers.

I'm really sorry for your sad news, it's such a devastating thing to hear. Sending you lots of hugs xx

jessieagain · 04/11/2013 19:25

Thanks I really hope it starts soon as my dp is away at the moment but is coming home this weekend. I'm praying that it is just like a heavy period as I don't think I could handle more than that by myself with my ds to look after.

I go in for another blood test on Wednesday to confirm so I hope my levels will have dropped so it can start.

It is a strange feeling waiting for a miscarriage, I didn't bleed very much last week at all so I was hoping it was just breakthrough bleeding or just heavier spotting. :(

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Hessy · 04/11/2013 20:37

I'm so sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking. Do read the 'practicalities of miscarriage' thread further down. I found it hugely helpful and comforting when I miscarried last month. Be very kind to yourself. Thanks

spinningirl10 · 04/11/2013 20:41

Jessie I'm so sorry to head your news :( I was on July with you and miscarried last week. I can't help you with the bleeding as my bleeding was continuous, it has just about stopped now.
It must be so hard without your dh there, I hope you've got someone to be with you.....take care xx

kitkat321 · 04/11/2013 22:39

Sorry for your loss.

I had a m/c at 5 wk + 4. I bled for about 4 days in total - it was very light - lighter than my period. My friend had a mc at the same stage but she bled for a few months so everyone is different.

Take care of yourself x

jessieagain · 05/11/2013 00:05

Thank you

I will check out that ''practicalities of miscarriage' thread.
It is such a strange empty feeling waiting for a miscarriage to start :(

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lucyfluff · 05/11/2013 09:08

Hugs are you this morning? I know I spoke to you on the nov bus and thinking of you x

jessieagain · 05/11/2013 09:52

Hi Lucy
I'm ok today, the same as I've been the last few days, but probably tireder as I've been sleeping terribly. I've had no bleeding again for nearly a week now.

So I'm just waiting.
But no spotting, no cramps nothing.

I go in for a blood test tomorrow, to get a confirmation but it is already conclusive but I guess my gp wants to know how fast I'm falling. So I will ask some more about what to expect then.

I read through that practicalities of miscarriage thread and it scared me quite a bit so I think I'm just going to stay in for the next few days, don't want to risk driving or overdoing it. I'm on my own at the moment, dp is working away, so I need to take care of myself and ds. I am prone to fainting so I'm being quite wary of that in particular.

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