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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

could this be implantation bleeding or my a/f?!

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desperate2bmum · 07/07/2006 14:28

i had a m/c on the 14th june and the bleeding stopped on the 26th.
we have been ttc from the moment i stopped bleeding but today i have started bleeding again, its not as heavy as a period but itsnot as light as spotting so im a bit confused. i dont know what implantation bleeding is but ive read people mention it on here. so could it be that or my a/f arriving after just 3 weeks since m/c?
any idea?

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 07/07/2006 14:29

My implantation bleed was more like spotting (ie not a lot and not a regular flow like a period).

desperate2bmum · 07/07/2006 14:30

would a pregnancy test show positive yet if it was implantation bleeding?

OP posts:
JellyNump · 07/07/2006 18:26

I bled quite a bit, which they thought may be implantation bleed, my test still showed positive. How far along are you and does your hospital have an Early Pregnancy Clinic where they could do an internal scan?

desperate2bmum · 07/07/2006 21:02

jelly nump, i m/c 3 weeks ago i amno longer pregnant. i did a pregnancy test last friday and it was negative. the bleeding is brown and very light it is not new blood. i am just confuseed

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lizziemun · 08/07/2006 20:43

i also had m/c three weeks ago and my a/f has arrived yesterday.

desperate2bmum · 08/07/2006 21:26

oh lizzy imsorry how are you feeling now? i hope this is your period and mine too. then we can get on with things i am actively ttc are u?!

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 08/07/2006 21:28

D2BAM, i m/c on 1st June and bled for about 3 weeks (was incomplete) my a/f arrived properly this week after a few days of lighter spotting, guess its all just our bodies getting sorted

lizziemun · 09/07/2006 07:47


So didn't reply last night DH decided to use my laptop downstairs last night, instead being his office (very annoying when his playing his games)

I'm ok, i think although if have keep wearing these pads i think i'm going to get nappy rash as i have been bleeding on and off for about 6 weeks now.

We will just have to try harder next month.

desperate2bmum · 09/07/2006 11:11

oh gosh lizzie i know what you mean, i hate these awful pads i think they are so unhygienic! i have been bleeding on/off for 4 weeks. i said to dp as a joke yesterday that im suprised i havnt collapsed through lack of blood lol.
i think it is our bodies trying to get back to normaland the quicker they do the better. but when a/f stops we shall be ttc and atleast have the nate now to go by should we be lucky enough to fall pg again so quickly.

OP posts:
copperfieldcanary · 17/08/2006 15:56

How long does it take to have HCG in urine?
I had a mc in May and we are trying to concieve? I have had spotting in between periods and then normal periods so it is hard to say when my last period was. I did a ptest today and it was totally negative. Not even the faintest line. Any chance i could be pregnant or is it just wishful thinking. I have a 2.5 year old and i get asked at least 2wice a day when i am going to have another one. I wish people wouldn't ask you that!

southportmum · 11/11/2011 10:29

im having this exact same thing now but im only very lightly blleding my hcg levels are rising as they are being chekced every 48 hours but its still such a worrying time

KatMumsnet · 12/11/2011 21:13

Hi there, sorry to hear of your MC. We're going to move this thread to 'Miscarriage', you might find more advice/support there.

purplehonesty · 13/11/2011 20:04

Hey southportmum how are you? Just read your last comment and am going through the same thing right now. Bled on Friday and have to have bloods taken Monday and wed to see if levels rising. I feel so sick and dizzy and I don't know what's Going on. It's very confusing

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