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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Is there anything they can do?

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Ikabod · 26/10/2013 21:45

Today I have had some dark brown discharge. I think this is the beginning of my 2nd mc. If I go to the hospital now, is there anything they can do at this stage?

OP posts:
Habbibu · 26/10/2013 22:22

Oh, I am sorry. Do you have other symptoms? The discharge on its own doesn't mean miscarriage, but I can see why you're worried. I don't think hosp would do much at the moment, but could you call EPU? I suppose they may not be open until Monday.

Bakingtins · 26/10/2013 22:34

Hi Ikabod. I'm sorry you are going through this, it is just the worst feeling, particularly when you've MC before.
There's nothing anyone can do that will affect the outcome. Getting seen swiftly may be important to you in terms of how you deal with it though. The problem at the weekend is accessing a scan. They can check to see if your cervix is open or closed, and they may be able to run an HCG blood but a single measurement not that reliable, you need to see what the trend is over 48 hrs. If you are >6 weeks along a scan should be able to tell you if the pregnancy is progressing/viable.
If you feel well in yourself and it is spotting or brown discharge rather than heavy bleeding I would contact out of hours GP service and get a referral for Monday to EPU.
Hoping that it settles and that you get good news at a scan. I'm sure you already know that bleeding in pregnancy is a 50:50 thing, it happens in many viable pregnancies but of course if you've MC previously you are going to assume the worst.
Flowers and fingers crossed.

Ikabod · 26/10/2013 22:58

Its more like brown discharge than the thick muddy stuff that I got just before the full-on mc last time. A little tummy ache but that could be anything. No cramps (yet). I already have a consultants appt on Thurs post l.o.d. Op. I have PCOS which is an additional factor. Do I tell DH yet? He will be devastated, I don't want to worry him...

OP posts:
Bakingtins · 26/10/2013 23:11

Tell DH. You deserve his support.

I'm not sure what an LOD op is, but Thursday is a long wait. I'd try to arrange something for Monday if possible. The not knowing is the worst thing sometimes.

Habbibu · 26/10/2013 23:21

Yy, tell him. You're in this together, and you need him. Phone on Mon, as bakingtins says.

Sunshinelaulau · 26/10/2013 23:32

I mc on my first pregnancy, I carried my 2nd to term but at about 6-8 weeks I had a brown discharge.. Not a lot and not thick... Lay off caffeine as this relaxes your cervix, and (I know this is hard) but try not to worry.. My 2nd full term pregnancy was the same and my 3rd had no bleeding or discharge and I ended up worrying most on this one... Demand a check up in Monday stressing how worried u r... Hope everything goes okay for u Grin

Ikabod · 27/10/2013 07:31

Thanks everyone for your advice. I'm 7+4 and LOD is laparoscopic ovarian diathermy (ovarian drilling). I've not had anything more overnight. I'll call the maternity unit today, you never know (and they'll surely be open!). Thanks for your story Sunshine, you've reassured me A LOT! DH is running a half marathon today, I'll let him focus on that for now rather than upset him, hopefully for nothing.

OP posts:
Bakingtins · 27/10/2013 19:34

How are you now, Ikabod?

Ikabod · 31/10/2013 17:44

Hi, just thought I'd put in an update for anyone who sees this and may find it helpful. I saw the surgeon who did my drilling for a follow up today. She was almost dismissive about my panic, saying that it was so totally normal and didn't mean I would definitely miscarry. She seemed baffled about my panic! Then she showed me lots of pictures of my innards, which looked healthy, but my tubes are wiggly, not straight. She sent me for a scan, which dated my pregnancy at 6 weeks, not 8+1 as I'd thought (trying not to get anxious about that!), but nurse said that everything was looking good for a 6week pg. I'm having another scan next week. Still got the brown discharge but the nurse said it was old blood, so not a sign of imminent mc. Now got to wait a week and hope everything's ok!

OP posts:
Bakingtins · 31/10/2013 19:53

Is it so baffling that you'd be concerned when you have a history of miscarrying? Confused For clever people some of these doctors are remarkable short on emotional intelligence.
I hope your dates are out and you see good progress next week. Did you see a heartbeat or was it too early (think it normally starts between six and seven weeks so not to worry you if not)
FX for your next scan.

Ikabod · 07/11/2013 12:41

I don't really know what's happening now. On Tues I has some dark red blood, so I went to the doctor who said it was threatened miscarriage and I should "keep my fingers crossed". Yesterday morning a bit more red blood and I passed a few little clots and I thought "ok,here it comes". But after lunch, nothing and still nothing 24 hours later. I know I'm clasping at straws, that more likely than not it's just taking its time, but could it all still be ok? I'm waiting for Dr Fingerscrossed to call so he can refer me to the EPU for a scan. I've not had bad pain or cramping but my boobs are less sore. This is driving me nuts!

OP posts:
Bakingtins · 07/11/2013 13:13

I'm sorry ikabod I know how awful the waiting and not knowing is. You can bleed loads and it can still all be ok (with ds2 I had bleeding intermittently from 8-14 weeks from a sub chorionic haematoma) or it can all be going wrong with no worrying symptoms at all, or anything in between. Really, it's only the scan that will tell you if it's all progressing ok. Did you not have a follow up scan booked anyway? Hope you can be seen today. Flowers

Ikabod · 07/11/2013 13:59

Hi Baking, I had a scan booked on Monday anyway. I spoke to the doctor who mumbled something about being happy to write me a sick note for work, told me to rest and yes! "keep my fingers crossed". But he said the EPU wouldn't see me yet because its too early and to wait until Monday. I'm at that stage where every little twinge is a sign as much as the absence of any twinges! I will have to keep my mind occupied with "Animal Park" and making Dala horses.

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